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emojis in math

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-05-02 19:19 [#02627133]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

...why aren't emojis used in math?

i was thinking about some math thing just now (tldr) and
realized i needed to pick a variable for a quantity. and i'm
thinking: they've used all the greek letters already. these
are totally tapped out, and... wait, why don't they use
emojis? ...or, given that math is Serious Business, at least
a few of the other ones we have available? ♥ = 3♬·ツ

other than "it kind of goes against the grain for them to
use these" i think the answer is "ironic as it is, though
math software is geared to transcribe stuff you can't
usually transcribe on a computer, math software cannot
handle normal special characters" and so it's a technical
hurdle in typing up a paper.

so i'll just use one for my thing, i think. i'm not sure
which one yet. but i figured this was worth a mention


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