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offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-13 17:46 [#02625854]
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Over the weekend, a Reddit thread made waves for pushing
Samsung into a tough spot. It alleges that the company is
misleading customers with “fake” moonshots captured
using its 100x Space Zoom feature.

Samsung introduced Space Zoom with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Since then, the company has touted it as a great tool for
capturing the moon. Samsung has always maintained it uses AI
to enhance these 100x digital zoom shots. A SamMobile report
from 2021 called the feature a gimmick, explaining how
Samsung overlays textures obtained from much
higher-resolution images of the moon on the shots you take
using the Space Zoom feature.

so first it's years of "it's the thinnest phone ever" and
then "it's the best camera ever as a gigantic ugly alien
lump on what used to be the thinnest phone ever" to "we've
done a new thing with the icon tray at the top" and now here
we are.

it is just such a freaking colossal amount of effort to go
through to trick someone to sell a phone camera under crap
pretenses. that the phone has been programmed to detect when
someone is trying to photograph the moon, and then actively
fake it to keep up the gimmick.

do you think these fuckers are out of ideas, or what?

that i was also thinking, i hate the phrase "baby bump" with
a passion. how the fuck did this become a thing? who
the hell wants to see that? so let's have 100x zoom and the
phone uses AI to detect when you're photographing a baby
bump and overlays "higher-resolution images" from rihanna's
abdomen and instagram will be flooded with a bland wash of
AI baby bumps and maybe that'd finally kill the concept?


i'll keep dreamin'


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