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fondue finger loaf; correct french?

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-13 03:39 [#02625834]
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i am slicing up french bread in preparation for fondue. the
problem with cooking is that it is tedious, yet requires
executive function. consequently, i casually saw off the
edge of my thumb. i have used my phone's "portrait" mode
which applies bokeh afx

finger loaf

as you can see, i've gotten both some of the bread (skin)
and crust (fingernail). i obviously attempted to locate
both, but was unable to, because i shortly realized... if
you peel off a bit of flaky french bread, it's quite like
skin. again, only portrait mode will do in a web 3.0 world.
and for real, this is really just bread


so then i am imaging this game show in my head, "Is It
French Bread Or Skin?" and i think, "this is how i sawed off
part of my finger" and i pay attention for a bit.

then i think: this is an xltronic post, i'm writing this
post in my head. i'm done cutting up french bread... no,
wait, i'll just cut up a bunch more

and i arrive at the following question: what's the proper
french for... fondue with finger skin? that, if it matters
-- and in france, i suspect it does -- it will have nothing
to do with the cheese dip. it is very specifically in the
bread... somewhere. can't find it. and i just have this
hunch this will actually be interesting to translate/answer

next up: the cheese grater. i'll be more careful. probably


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