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aether force

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-11-15 06:23 [#02622303]
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i'm a big fan of kook websites -- ulillillia, royal device,
all that. if only francis e. dec, esq. had had today's

here, have a sample of one of their articles:

when someone begins to abuse hyphens like that... like the
writer of a fantasy fiction novel... but they're trying to
sound smart... or it's also partially a product of a
hyper-complicated, deeply personal architecture and they're
desperate for you to join them there. that i will wager: a)
aspergers b) they'll still have a good idea in there
somewhere, and c) this will be entertaining to read

also think aspergers because of the hyper-detailed "legal"


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-11-15 06:24 [#02622304]
Points: 22890 Status: Regular

xltronic stylez fail. article quote:

If we penetrate to the forces and impulses that underlie
human existence, we come to the activities of a world of
Spiritual Beings, that we have called the Father-Son stream
of evolution. The higher members of this stream of
evolution, known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, have the task
of bringing into being and organising the prodigal son
stream of evolution. There have always been people who were
aware, to a greater or lesser extent, of the existence and
activities of the Spiritual Hierarchy, more so in ancient
cultures than now. The
mythological-cosmological-religious cultures of
Egypt, Sumeria and early Greece, and to a lesser extent that
of the Romans, were dominated by their belief in a world of
gods that ruled over creation and life on earth. The Hindu
religion gives particularly extensive accounts ofa world of
Spiritual Beings whose activities underlie our material
world. The Jewish Kabbalah gives similar accounts. Within
Christianity the stream emanating from Dionysius the
Areopagite gives detailed descriptions of a Spiritual


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-11-15 06:27 [#02622305]
Points: 22890 Status: Regular

Finally, let us raise the question: According to the
preceding examinations, what is space? Nothing other than a
necessity, inherent in the things themselves, to overcome a
most external way their being individual without uniformity.
Space, therefore, is a way of grasping the world as

...well that solves that!


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