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[kodak moment] happy couple

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 02:57 [#02618904]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

i completely did not understand sports until i went to some
actual games in person and i felt the energy, like at a
concert. that i absolutely cannot get into watching sports
by myself, but i've found, reliably, i actually am kind of
into it if you put me in a room with other people who are
amped up about it. so i'll totally be there if you invite me
over to watch sports, but, on my own, i will not follow it,
nor even watch it at all.

and i realize tonight the celtics are poised to mop the
floor with miami, just a vague whiff from overheard
conversations and things i scrolled past in google news...
so i go to the bar.

"it's a zoo tonight," the waitress tells me multiple times.
she is not wrong, to the point where she entirely misses the
incident where... i recount it for her: "yeah, she didn't
like what he said, and he was all 'well you too' and then he
left." i'd had my eye on that guy for trouble for at least
twenty minutes and he did not disappoint. i'm glad he left
when he did though

amidst all this, i spot a couple at the other side of the
bar. the gal seems to be trying to get my eye on occasion. i
think: your boyfriend is much better looking and younger
than me, what do you want?

then i study it more, and i see: her boyfriend is almost
completely ignoring her for the celtics game, she's annoyed,
she wants someone else to make eyes at her to get her
boyfriend's attention. obviously i'm having none of it and
she gives up and retreats into her fone. i'd usually never
stealth photo people at a bar but this was just too perfect
-- they are defensively clinging to each other yet totally
ignoring each other at the same time


there is more, the girl i like from the liquor store showing
up, but i'm out of characters for this post


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 04:07 [#02618909]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

in retrospect, maybe it was kind of a compliment she picked
me as the candidate to attempt to make her boyfriend
jealous. maybe also that she thought i would be dumb enough
to take the bait; less complimentary... but, still, there
were some other candidates she passed over. but then i also
also sitting right across from her amidst some fat people
and i'm fit and wearing flash shit. people are fascinating


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2022-05-24 04:10 [#02618910]
Points: 38540 Status: Regular

People are people

People = shit (slipknot remix)

People are strange (the doors remix)

People make the world go around


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 04:19 [#02618911]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

i need to dredge up that post where i parked in the
mcdonald's lot after the drivethrough and just sat there and
watched people in the mcdonald's as i ate. bro taking his
lady on a date, doing immature shit like trying to shoot
crumpled up wrappers into the trash can from across the
store... aw, shit, i missed. she is not amused. the date is
not going well. i am enjoying my fries

finally, they exit the mcdonalds, both clearly crabby and
tense. the guy only then sees me watching, and all the hate
comes at me: this is your fault. how dare you

that was hilarious from inside a protective bubble of glass
and steel from 20 feet away, but i have to say there's
something of that moment that came back to me just then


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 04:51 [#02618912]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

man. ok. basketball is pretty much perfect, aside from
professional darts. hockey, the puck moves so fast i can't
follow it, and no one ever scores. [american] football,
boring as shit; it's like trench warfare you're supposed to
be entertained by. but both hockey and [american] football,
the problem is the field is simply too fucking big. they're
spread out like habitable star systems. basketball, it's
small, you can see 3/4 of the whole field at once, and
people are jam packed in there. that i was actually
thinking, at the bar tonight, that, shit, the way clusters
of players form and break up and reform... man, this feels a
lot like turing patterns and wouldn't it be a giggle if I was
right and no sports coach would ever even know what the fuck
that is

but, yeah, i'm no expert, i left before end of the 2nd
quarter, but there was some insane physical poetry i saw
there, almost like a dance battle. and you're never getting
that on a soccer [european football] field with that level
of density and consistency.

but i'm still not watching it unless someone invites me over
or crystal ball in my hed tells me that sports will make
this a good night to go to a bar.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 06:31 [#02618914]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

that i was actually thinking, at the bar tonight, that,
shit, the way clusters of players form and break up and
reform... man, this feels a lot like turing patterns and
wouldn't it be a giggle if I was right and no sports coach
would ever even know what the fuck that is

that, alright, a few hours later, i am still picking at the
idea. and i don't really care about sports? but how does a
basketball playbook work, and, should i be right, where is
their state machine missing beneficial transitions? that,
hell, 1) if i am right, please steal it, but also please
give me a shout-out; don't care about the cash if i don't do
the work but i would like to be known for thinking of
something originally, like, for once in my life, beating
someone to a clever idea 2) this is a hilarious and
ridiculous train of thought i had watching the ridiculous
turnover celtics vs. heat tonight; over and over. and this
feels familiar 3) if you can pay me the cash i can do the
work on this

but it's nutty. but i probably am right. but i probably
won't even get credit

i want to have at least one patent someday, however. and a
law degree.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-05-24 06:35 [#02618915]
Points: 20650 Status: Addict

quoting the wikipedia article i linked

Turing proposed a model wherein two homogeneously
distributed substances (P and S) interact to produce stable
patterns during morphogenesis. These patterns represent
regional differences in the concentrations of the two
substances. Their interactions would produce an ordered
structure out of random chaos.

offense and defense, home and visitor, etc


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2022-05-30 08:26 [#02619059]
Points: 7074 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

basketball is really a fun game to watch.
if you want to better understand the mechanics and tactics
try watching the players off ball but close to the
ballhandler. players on the same team will often try to
block out the ballhandlers assigned defender. from there it
is a cascading turing chain reaction kind of thing. or think
chess/checkers. you pull a second defender some attacker
must be open for a shot or a drive and then the beauty of
the athletic possibilities is sheer endless, lob passes,
behind the back magic, no look passes, drives...
its like you said, the way the floor is packed and i might
add the fact the ball is easy to handle as opposed to other
sports, there are many fluent movements and many ways to
apart from this teamplay a good one on one is always fun to
watch too. can a player be guarded by another? can the
attacker outmaneuver the other, be fooled by a fake dribble


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2022-05-30 08:31 [#02619060]
Points: 7074 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

then of course you also have those moments when a player
passes by numerous defenders. just gotta love it.
and thats just the beauty of offense. when your team players
solid defense and gets a steal to make a fast break or a
block it to the people in the back row its freakin awesome
too. as you can see im hooked...


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