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zorba's dance

online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-10-12 17:41 [#02587364]
Points: 5569 Status: Addict

zorba's dance, a magical piece of hi-nrg europop and
mid-90s computer animation. look at their little bellies!


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-10-12 21:03 [#02587377]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

Self directed dancing is illegal because 99.99% of the
population don't own their own bodies, but if your master
who owns your body tells you to dance, then you must, as is
the case with these zorbas. Their programmer wants them to
dance so they must, similar to how you have to suck a man
dick in prison if your master says you must. It's similar to
how every smile you see from a customer service slave is
done under duress and fear (of yelp reviews, boss reprimands
etc). Only humans would base smiling on a foundation of fear
and stress. Even smiling, even happiness, is fake/broken and
bad in this system and it's because 99.99% of people don't
own their own mouths. The few oligopolists at the top retain
the upper class perk of being able to have their own
thoughts and emotions but their smiles are only ever evil.


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-10-12 21:11 [#02587379]
Points: 5569 Status: Addict | Followup to w M w: #02587377

you're going to end up yelling at pigeons in the street if
you don't snap out of it soon. "i know the truth i am a
Special Boy listen to me"


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-10-12 21:23 [#02587384]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

That's possible, but "It is no measure of health to be well
adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -some semi-famous


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-10-12 21:26 [#02587386]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

Also keep in mind any "drugs" the "doctors" might be giving
you might make you more likely to go along with their system
and rail against outside the box thinking or dissenters.


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-10-12 21:32 [#02587387]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular | Followup to belb: #02587379

I actually hardly know any truth, it seems with weed-caused
psychosis, one can find a bizarre convoluted path of
evidence to back anything as potential truth. And
it's more f'd up to say potential nonsense with an
affirmative stance because human brains have no firewall,
which is why things like religion can spread so easily. If
you repeatedly hear that snakes can talk or something, it
might as well be true. Whatever trick evolution has honed to
make human thought seem sophisticated, it's ultimately a
primate brain and it's almost like every brain is full of
viruses called memes.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-10-12 22:55 [#02587392]
Points: 15906 Status: Addict

funny, i always thought this was some traditional piece.


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-10-12 23:04 [#02587393]
Points: 5569 Status: Addict

it's a version of "zorba the greek" though i'm not sure who
that's by


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