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Do u like spicy food?

online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-10-09 20:24 [#02587053]
Points: 4804 Status: Regular | Followup to DADONCK: #02587052

oh dude, sacrilege, sriracha is the bomb diggy! it's not hot
but it's great all over greasy chips


online DADONCK from here on 2019-10-09 20:33 [#02587054]
Points: 2450 Status: Regular

i have a problem with Glutamic acid, and most of these have
E620 in them. i can taste it. and i don't like it. if the
ingredients are chilli, sugar, salt and vinegar its fine.
but that E620 is bad for me


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-10-09 20:49 [#02587056]
Points: 4804 Status: Regular | Followup to DADONCK: #02587054

huh, i never bothered to check the ingredients list, is
glutamic acid related to monosodium glutamate? figures, that
must be why it's got that dirty umami note to it. i got a
bottle sent from xlt's pomme de terre before i ever saw it
over here and i like to keep a bottle just for takeaway
chips, there's something about it that goes so well with hot


online DADONCK from here on 2019-10-09 20:58 [#02587057]
Points: 2450 Status: Regular

for me its metallic taste and headache or neck problems
afterwards. for some it doesnt do anything bad. im just mad
at these because when i see them i get excited but then i
look on the label... it seems like the "original" Huy Fong
Foods, Inc. sauce doesnt have msg, but i always get the one
that has lots of shit in it :/


offline Cliff Glitchard from DEEP DOWN INSIDE on 2019-10-09 21:31 [#02587058]
Points: 3973 Status: Lurker | Followup to belb: #02587053

Sriracha goes perfect with bbq sausages.

Great for a ramen too.


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-10-10 07:37 [#02587076]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

I DADONCK't like spicy food. The government makes lots of
topics like these to pinpoint you. After answering just a
handful of these type of questions, their algorithms know
exactly who you are and then they can tie everything you
write into your social credit score.


offline Roger Wilco from Drunk Fibonacci Sequence on 2019-10-10 10:49 [#02587082]
Points: 828 Status: Regular | Followup to DADONCK: #02587057

It's got that weird processed garlic taste to it, when
heathens use like... garlic paste or whatever it is.


offline Tony Danza from Las Vegas, probably on 2019-10-10 12:42 [#02587091]
Points: 1966 Status: Regular

the Huy Fong sriracha is not very hot but my god is it great
splashed over a margherita pizza.

I hear you about the processed garlic flavor, that's part of
its oddball charm for me


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