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[spam] anxietease

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-08-11 06:11 [#02583470]
Points: 15399 Status: Addict



online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-08-11 08:27 [#02583472]
Points: 5388 Status: Addict

'sgood, quite a subtle one, this. the twinkle / squelch that
slides in about 1:40 is especially nice


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-08-11 23:24 [#02583481]
Points: 15399 Status: Addict

it's nice to have some real synth again. still learning em


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-08-12 08:44 [#02583485]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

nice, minimal. of course soundcloud autoplays a song right
after which destroys the zone any previous song put you in.
Hmm, why does youtube autoplay and soundcloud autoplay and
bitchute autoplay, all by default (which is called herding
or nudging, to steer the masses where they want them to go;
social engineering to a degree that is actual digital
computer code) when nobody would want that? maybe because
these systems are all made by the same oligopoly. Why does
craigslist/ebay/amazon all default to 'best match' or
'relevant' search, maybe because they're all the same
oligopoly and best match/relevant means that if you're in
the peasant/renter class, your listings are not relevant and
invisible. If you're a shill or evil then they are. Success
is a measure of how evil you are; it is no measure of health
to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick system.


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