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go back where you came from

online EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-07-16 01:01 [#02582504]
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filter ~ US Politics ~ if you don't want to know about US
Politics, you can leave now and remain at peace.


here is the rough progression of events:

1) AOC (or, a staffer, at least) tweets pelosi is racist
against her and her soul-sisters
2) Trump comes to Pelosi's defense. The two are typically
mortal enemies; Gandalf and the Balrog. But he hates AOC
more than Pelosi and can't resist piling on
3) Democratic infighting having handed trump an easy hit, he
promptly keeps going; tweets "Go back to where you came
4) everyone flips out

i would like to go on the record to say that i find AOC
obnoxious. absolute cut-and-dry snowflake-generation
millennial trash. she and the "squad" have precisely four
votes, as Pelosi pointed out -- that's all. their
twitter-follower count means nothing in congress. entitled
children spilling onto the scene and expecting to just
casually knock off what congress hasn't been able to handle
for decades (climate change, immigration reform, etc). just
sort of... "oh, shut up. you talk big but none of what
you're pitching will ever get beyond your twitter account
because, politics."

then i would also like to go on record to say that i felt
bad for AOC when border patrol people on facebook were
photoshopping her blowing trump -- no one deserves that, not
even cliff bleszinski. until she called pelosi racist;
played the race card for all her twitter followers.

all this bullshit has a bright side, though: we now have
donald trump tweeting something directly, unambiguously
racist. as much as i detest AOC, she has at least given the
world that


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