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hosting your own website is illegal

offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-15 01:10 [#02580181]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

Similar to how it's illegal for all biologists to study
nocturnal beach animals without approval from his royal
majesty John Donahoe the oligopoly blubber king (ps. only
David Attenborough is allowed to touch galapagos tortises
etc, if you touch a tortise you're guilty of cauliflower
racism and species endangerment) LAZY_TITLE

well, it appears that this same total takeover tyranny does
not allow you to host your own website, and I have the
to prove it. See bullet 4 here:
"This may violate your ISP's terms of service. If you start
to get notable traffic to the site, your ISP may drop you or
take legal action. Non-business internet service almost
always disallows this"

Only John Butthole Donahoe can have his own website, like
North Korebay, which he of course uses to sabotage the free
market. How about everyone guilty of crimes against humanity
is given one botfly larva for every person they wronged. If
that happened to John Donahoe he'd instantly dissolve into a
pile of muck, which would be no different than his present

By the way it's also illegal to live in a boat, because it's
not your "primary residence", or some made up justification
to prevent you escaping the human farm.

Everything must be boycotted! Money, DNA, sex, internet,
going outside, staying inside, it's all rigged! It's illegal
to wear shoes, it's illegal to not wear shoes! Boycotting is
illegal too so good luck.


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-15 01:18 [#02580182]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

The beach is closed to black people! And it's
closed to white people; double racism!


online EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-15 02:24 [#02580187]
Points: 13454 Status: Regular

generally if you upgrade to "business" internet they'll drop
all that bullshit. the basic problem is that j. random
asshole will get hacked and his computer becomes a spam
zombie and so as an ISP you get tired of this horseshit and
simply filter out all the ports anyone would use to run a
server. if someone steps up and says, "i want business
internet; here's more money" then suddenly they do not

it's actually not as bad as most capitalism -- priced on the
stupidity of the average user, as opposed to merely juicing


online EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-15 02:34 [#02580189]
Points: 13454 Status: Regular

for years i ran my own email and web server off a cable
modem. recently i saw a "how-to" for such on ars technica,
and, yes, one of the early steps is "you need business
internet." it has different names. i am lucky enough to be
able to opt for a smaller ISP that is not Comcast nor
Verizon, and their filtering is quite light. i do not even
have to go "business" -- if it mattered to me, i could pay a
flat monthly fee to get a static IP and unfiltered ports.
instead, i've found it more sensible to get a xen virtual
host -- sort of a nonexistant computer to be my personal
home on the internet. this, i feel, is what would make you
happy too


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-15 04:02 [#02580199]
Points: 21386 Status: Regular

Well it seems there's 2 ways for non elites to make money
(elites just print it and "legally" steal it): sell items (I
won't call them "goods" since everything is bad) or sell
services. Since John Donahoe and Jeff Bezos rigged and
monopolized the entire 1st option in a racketeering tortious
interference war crime (don't worry though, Jeff Bezo's dr
evil pic pops up with "tips for entrepreneurs" in mainstream
programming), the only other option is selling services,
which is now being rigged by craigslist (craigslist
"customers" are government agents paid to sabotage your
business by having you do a service then not paying you, or
finding out where you live to steal your car etc). So since
you can't sell items, they guarantee you don't have enough
money to afford this business internet account (let alone
your own house; your landlord might not even let you have
internet, my previous one didn't. I had to use the library
internet where cameras on the ceiling watch all passwords
you type, which I'm sure is similar to how windows operates
normally anyway). So now nobody can make an "anti John
Donahoe" website cuz John Donahoe owns all the ISPs which
you're economically forced to use and they'll censor any
anti John Donahoe content. He really should be deported to a
country that is simply the geographic boundary of the center
of a volcano.


offline mohamed on 2019-06-15 15:13 [#02580209]
Points: 29297 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

wmw i lolled at the public library cameras shit but
boycotting is tits, you have to have at least a rightful
cause to accompain it with


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