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klee sequencer

offline mermaidman on 2019-06-12 09:34 [#02579936]
Points: 5511 Status: Regular



offline mohamed on 2019-06-12 12:05 [#02579946]
Points: 28290 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

Lets make a musix related thread so you can divert the
attention from you getting laid with kids, boys and girls


offline mermaidman on 2019-06-12 12:19 [#02579949]
Points: 5511 Status: Regular

you always have my full attention bro


offline mohamed on 2019-06-12 12:23 [#02579952]
Points: 28290 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

So, any new dwarf in the biz shit face


offline mermaidman on 2019-06-12 12:24 [#02579955]
Points: 5511 Status: Regular

sure i can hook you up with a dwarf bro


offline mohamed on 2019-06-12 12:27 [#02579960]
Points: 28290 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

Sure shit face


offline Tony Danza from not today, satan on 2019-06-12 13:29 [#02579966]
Points: 1499 Status: Regular | Followup to mermaidman: #02579936

cool tool bro


offline mermaidman on 2019-06-12 13:34 [#02579969]
Points: 5511 Status: Regular | Followup to Tony Danza: #02579966

isn’t it fam?


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-13 01:54 [#02580048]
Points: 12297 Status: Addict | Followup to mermaidman: #02579936

this sounds fun. i've put a lot of thought into this sort of
angle -- not programming the music directly, but carefully
crafting a controlled environment with a few simplified
parameters to control the overall shape of thing. it gets
deep with process workflow, UI design, etc.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-13 02:05 [#02580049]
Points: 12297 Status: Addict

is this thing just SDIY or what?

it's really cool, up my alley, but i don't really have a
modular analog cv/gate whatever setup anymore and i'd have
to buy a million other things before i could use this
sequencer. if i had to solder it up, well, i could, but it
would be on top of the previously mentioned thing and this
is probably about where supercollider might be useful


offline mermaidman on 2019-06-13 08:37 [#02580083]
Points: 5511 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02580049

there is a software version LAZY_TITLE with added
features or you could do it yourself in smthing like
supercollider yes


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