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Mikron - Severance [CPU Records]

offline Tony Danza from the inside on 2019-02-25 20:58 [#02570111]
Points: 2676 Status: Lurker

holey baloneys is this ever good


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-02-25 21:35 [#02570112]
Points: 5571 Status: Regular

yeah this is nice, subtle progressions in the tracks reward
a bit of eyes-closed time. i'm halfway through now and it's
polished without being slick


offline mermaidman from behind on 2019-02-25 22:09 [#02570117]
Points: 6093 Status: Regular

there be some gangsta shit in this mothafucka you know when
a g feel like crip walkin and shit


offline Tony Danza from the inside on 2019-02-25 23:58 [#02570122]
Points: 2676 Status: Lurker | Followup to mermaidman: #02570117

stop being racist against my extremely white musical taste


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2019-02-26 06:29 [#02570124]
Points: 30513 Status: Regular | Followup to Tony Danza: #02570122 | Show recordbag

I thought you like gangsta parties dude


offline mermaidman from behind on 2019-02-26 08:12 [#02570125]
Points: 6093 Status: Regular | Followup to Tony Danza: #02570122

sorry cuuuuuz keep it gangsta peace


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