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offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2017-03-16 19:03 [#02515720]
Points: 2417 Status: Lurker

*umbroman3 will not post nor read responses to this thread
*so post anything you want safe in the knowledge that
umbroman3 will never see it
*never bring up the game in any other thread or refer to the
game thread at all except in the game thread

it's just for fun


offline mohamed on 2017-03-16 19:38 [#02515732]
Points: 24270 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

i dont get it, you're not checking this thread for responses
so how do you know people is playing? sounds like something
would make you more paranoid. are you even reading this


offline mohamed on 2017-03-16 19:39 [#02515733]
Points: 24270 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

like you build up that everybody is talking about you but
nobody says it? unsafe


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2017-03-17 01:35 [#02515753]
Points: 9564 Status: Regular

i think he just wants to create a safe space for anyone he's
pissed off to get it out good and proper without him having
to suffer through it too


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2017-03-29 08:03 [#02516675]
Points: 5163 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

this game needs more players.
imagine how big the urge to peek if the thread reaches 100!


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