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I hope peace has been with you all~

offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-02-23 08:31 [#02513857]
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May you all walk your path of ultra~


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-23 10:15 [#02513858]
Points: 20742 Status: Lurker

Think about it, all the shit we write here ultimately
shifts to the bottom of the messageboard. That's where our
memes are going, that's what we're doing with our lives,
writing on the bottom of a messageboard. And it's really the
same with our bodies with tectonic drift. The earth slowly
devours us into its fiery core after we die. The whole
universe already happened and the whole thing is in the
bottom of a messageboard, nothing makes a difference or
But wait, time is an illusion, there is no future just
predictions and no past just memories. There's only present.
So could we predict that this post "will" end up at the
bottom of a messageboard in the "future"? Or is it already
there, because there is only a single present where all
actions occur simultaneously? In that sense, not only is it
in the bottom of the messageboard, it also hasn't even been
posted yet, nor have you been born yet, plus the earth
already swallowed your bones.


offline mohamed on 2017-02-23 11:38 [#02513860]
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offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2017-02-23 11:55 [#02513863]
Points: 2417 Status: Lurker



offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-23 11:56 [#02513865]
Points: 19637 Status: Addict

oh hello, have you been in cryogenic storage?


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2017-02-23 12:31 [#02513867]
Points: 2751 Status: Regular

hello m8friend, nice to see you again


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2017-02-23 17:23 [#02513884]
Points: 9562 Status: Regular | Followup to jnasato: #02513857

thanks for the tip about poking yourself in the bowels
(gently). it's really helped me move along in life


offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-02-24 05:44 [#02513938]
Points: 3375 Status: Lurker | Followup to w M w: #02513858 | Show recordbag

We can only do our best. We can take into consideration the
full effects of our actions, but we cannot be expected to be
fully responsible for the outcomes. We can only do our
best-- nothing more can be asked of anybody.

In the ever-present, doing and being our strongest selves is
all that matters. "In a million years, everything we do
will be forgotten! Why try?" Because life is the exact and
only opportunity to gain strength through challenges and
live a life of immense beauty that we can share with others;
experiencing Consciousness in this human form.
"Everlasting" in the traditional sense, is a concept thought
up by ego and fear (causing people to erect statues of
themselves in hopes of being remembered)-- this can only
benefit very few. By spreading good vibez, one's own life
becomes beautiful, and this beauty spreads to everyone--
this benefits everybody.

Due to free will, humans can see utopia as hell. So utopia
has always been a state of mind. Plus, anyone who thinks
our actions won't have effect in a million years, does not
know the power of love and will. It's so powerful, it
doesn't even come from humans- humans merely channel it from
the cosmos. Acting in the best interests of oneself and
others is about balance and harmony; qualities that are the
foundation of physical existence itself. Memory of people
"erecting statues of themselves" will last as long as the
statues can stand. Memory of the people on the cosmic path
spreading love- harmony, balance, understanding, respect,
strength, forgiveness, sharing, creativity, fearlessness,
sincerity- they are merely working harmoniously with the
cosmos-- they are remembered with every instant of time-
from the beginning until the end- because they are people of
the cosmos.


offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-02-24 05:49 [#02513939]
Points: 3375 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

Hello mohamed, umbroman3, Hyperflake, belb, and
EpicMegatrax! Nice to see y'all again. Yes, I've been away
from here, because I've been spending my time applying IDM
knowledge to life itself. Knowledge is worthless without
application! Of course, it all takes a lot of effort, but
it's always worth it. Everything worth anything takes
effort. But time shall pass regardless of actions-- might
as well do fucking badass ultra shit. I'm dead serious-
don't let anyone stop you from being the person you want to

EpicMegatrax- You're welcome- I'm glad to hear it, man!


offline -crazone from smashing acid over and over on 2017-02-24 07:12 [#02513940]
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offline mohamed on 2017-02-24 16:53 [#02513950]
Points: 24261 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

theres a writing on a wall in front of an university in

'knowledge does not grow if not shared'


offline mohamed on 2017-02-24 16:54 [#02513951]
Points: 24261 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

theres another that says 'your mum' too


offline mohamed on 2017-02-24 17:00 [#02513953]
Points: 24261 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

but thats not near uni


offline w M w from London (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-24 23:25 [#02514032]
Points: 20742 Status: Lurker | Followup to jnasato: #02513938

Nice reply


offline freqy on 2017-02-25 17:58 [#02514095]
Points: 18538 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

Lazer hugs back. ; p


offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-02-27 04:28 [#02514147]
Points: 3375 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

crazone, freqy-- *SUUUP*


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-27 05:26 [#02514149]
Points: 19637 Status: Addict

i need to apply some IDM knowledge to my life

i hope you are fairing well


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-28 02:34 [#02514220]
Points: 3743 Status: Addict

spect 2 u jnsato, 'call me trimtab'


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-28 02:41 [#02514221]
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offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2017-02-28 02:51 [#02514222]
Points: 3743 Status: Addict

heh never have been able to spell your name proper, jnsato,
copy/paste it and it still looks like it should have more or
less letters somewhere :)


offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-03-07 10:33 [#02514685]
Points: 3375 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag



offline RussellDust on 2017-03-07 14:23 [#02514689]
Points: 10970 Status: Regular

Thanks for the kind vibes! Glad you're well!


offline jnasato from (Antarctica) on 2017-03-13 08:28 [#02515333]
Points: 3375 Status: Lurker | Followup to RussellDust: #02514689 | Show recordbag

*!* :-) Thank you.


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