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I need help

poe from the uk on 2001-06-29 20:20 [#00011428]

I have some cash coming in and im thinking of buying a
whole bunch of cd's, recent and old, I have some tracks that
I would like but I am open to suggestions.

I would like the albums that have donkey rhubarb, pancake
lizarrd, windwow licker, come to daddy, are these on the rdj
album?, which analogue bubble bath? SAW2 I am definetely
gonna get, hangabel auto? i care because you do?, im
thinking of spending around £70 on msuic, aphex in

thanks for your help.,...or your advice


poe from the uk on 2001-06-29 20:23 [#00011429]

caustic window?

selected ambient works, which one?

help me choose please


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-06-29 20:24 [#00011430]

Get i care because you do for certain. Its ace. WHat type of
thing are you looking for?


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-06-29 20:24 [#00011431]

erm, SAWI


m on 2001-06-29 20:25 [#00011432]

Just go to and find out which tracks are on which
cd, and listen to them. I really like the RDJ album. I
couldn't find that article of his new cd that you were
talking about. I think it's a hoax.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-06-29 20:27 [#00011433]

It says on about the new album. On the front
page, near teh top, in yellow writing :-)


m on 2001-06-29 20:30 [#00011436]

*got it*


hevquip from an egren's coffe shop on 2001-06-29 22:03 [#00011451]

get 51/13 singles collection. it's an import from japan, so
i might be kind of pricey. i got it for about 25-30 american
dollars though. it has half of the ventolin remixes (wheeze,
carharack, cylob, crow megmus, salbutanol, and a few more. i
dont know if i spelled those track names correctly or not),
on, pancake lizard, donkey rhubarb, icct hedral, and respect


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-29 22:39 [#00011454]

POE: Make sure you get Analogue Bubblebath 3, Analogue
Bubblebath 4, or 1 if you can find it. Hangable Auto Bulb -
good luck finding that rarity. Uhm.. Caustic Window is a
MUST have.


poe from the uk on 2001-06-30 00:19 [#00011465]

geez..if price was no object fellas I would have these
beauts already...

Im gonna have to get a job pronto...or deplete my bank
account yet more....

well, thanks, I am gonna have to have a think


RECYCLE from roca,ne on 2001-06-30 04:21 [#00011488]

buy the cds at a reocrd store not from your
buddies........richard needs the $$$


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-30 11:25 [#00011533]


If you have to choose between analoque bubblebath 3 and 4
choose 4!

much better! i so seldomly listen to 3.
4 has two really good tracks on it. the rest is mediocore
tho. and before you start thinking bubblebaths get I care
because you do and richard d james album first! they are
CLASSICS! they will revolutionize your intellect, make you a
better person, they will get you a date with jennifer lopez,
they will make you rich, they will... oh well. theire quite


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