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Movie Idea

|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-15 04:31 [#00009760]

Ive always been thinking about movie ideas, and always
thought that If I [for some reason] was given a big budget I
could make one of the craziest, and most fuct up
suspensful/scary disturbing films ever made. Please, let me
know if you ever had any film ideas, and what they are/were.

PS - I shall fill you in more, in a bit. Im busy. Thanks.


hexane from Melb on 2001-06-15 06:20 [#00009767]

an island full of dinosaurs. people put on that island. 'nuf


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-15 06:37 [#00009769]

Hexane: Yeah.... dangit, you stole my idea. Thats super
original pal, make sure no one uses it for an idea for a


hexane from Melb on 2001-06-15 07:02 [#00009773]

damn straight.

i also had this other idea for a movie where these guys,
like...kill each other and stuff...yeh it'll be sweet...


* on 2001-06-15 07:15 [#00009775]

[NOTE: the above message is funnier when said in the beavis


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-15 07:45 [#00009778]

If I made one, I'd have to make due with some sort of crude
animation with clay or drawings.


rob fragilenine from what was that song again? oh yeah, its called on 2001-06-15 11:12 [#00009796]

i'm making a video for one of my songs with 3d (computer
generated) people... that would be something once it's


dirty little bitch on 2001-06-15 11:22 [#00009797]



hAnkyPhexTwin from Tucson, AZ on 2001-06-15 11:46 [#00009800]

So your describing something like Natural Born Killers but
even further than that. (Back when that movie was out, it
was in the same category where I am from).


Japes from London on 2001-06-15 13:19 [#00009804]

I'd make a movie in which this guy lies in the middle of a
road on a dry autumn day, and you see his thoughts.

Then someone runs him over.

It'd be well poignant, and it'd serve the crazy bastard
right for lying in the road in the first place.


hexane from Melbourne on 2001-06-15 14:04 [#00009814]



hexane from Melbourne on 2001-06-15 14:05 [#00009815]


another child-molest movie wouldn't go astray


hexane from Melbourne on 2001-06-15 14:13 [#00009816]

sorry, i am not contributing. i have no creativity to invent
movie ideas, hence i say stupid unoriginal things

i'd love to do a movie score though, that'd be great


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-15 15:59 [#00009821]

Lolita was a good movie I thought. I like movies like Pi,
Natural Born Killers and The Doom Generation. Movies that
are different, and wierder.

My movie Idea was really big, but it was supposed to be a
cross between suspense and horror.. but not typical horror,
maybe replace horror with disturbing scenes or something. I
don't know, really I just wanted to scare the shit out of
people, and have them remember those scenes for the rest of
their lives. That would be neat.


Theifofalways from my house with a big hole in my head(and lots of pills) on 2001-06-15 16:23 [#00009826]

get a language specialist, a doctor, a scientist, a
historian, and a ton of weapons, medicine and a bunch of
science stuff to trade and go back in history and change
stuff. Go and fight Carthage with the Romans using tanks,
give the native americans grenades and flamethrowers against
the pioneers, meet Jesus and get him into Aphex Twin. Give
J.S. Bach a Korg keyboard, a sampler and 2 turntables.Sorta
like Bill and Ted's exellent adventure, but with high tech
weapons and violence, and maybe some dinasaurs on an island
with some people (nobody steal that last idea, im gonna use
it and be rich.)


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-15 18:28 [#00009838]

Ah ha ha ha ha!


hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-15 20:00 [#00009855]

i would like to make a ultra violent graphic movie. i would
like to see someone have their head crushed in between two
gears, like those in a clock tower. a metal rod shoved
through someones shoulder down through their leg would be
interesting too. maybe it could be about a man that couldn't
die, but he keeps on trying to kill himself. he could jump
off a building too and land on someone. a movie about
someone who discovered they had telekinetic powers would be
cool too. i guess the person would break down into doing
malevolent and evil things to others and would be
unstoppable, so everyone would have to deal with it.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-15 21:37 [#00009865]

Oh my.


hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-15 21:38 [#00009867]

hello thiefofalways. have you read thief of always by clive
barker (i'm assuming you have)? it's a very good book. any
other good books people here have read?


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