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heroes remix

cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-15 01:17 [#00009749]

was the remix aphex did for bowie ever released ? never knew
about that one!


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-15 01:34 [#00009751]

not sure, but i think its hilarious at parts...maybe its
just me, but it makes me laugh at some of bowies screaming
parts, and when he does certain effects to his voice..i love
bowie, i just find something funny in the song


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-15 01:34 [#00009752]

by he, i mean richard


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-15 01:37 [#00009753]

sorry ross ?

didnt aphex also do a remix for placebo


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-15 01:38 [#00009754]

being the pseudonym ....without you im nothing.....


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-15 02:11 [#00009757]

Cheech, i meant by my post that i found the heroes remix
kinda comical and amusing..I think i've seen a placebo mix
on napster once, but then again, it could be a hoax or


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-15 02:28 [#00009759]

you can get the single,im just not shure if its him...theres
no publishin rights to the on some other
remixes he did,it might be...


Ross from Can. on 2001-06-15 05:11 [#00009763]

hmmm..i do know Brian Molko has often mentioned aphex twin
in articles..i think he digs his stuff very much


Wim Jongejan from Zwartewaal on 2001-06-15 05:21 [#00009764]

The most important and influential solo artist of the last
30 years is Bowie, bar none!
The greatest solo electronic artist of all time is Aphex
Twin by a long shot, and Im not forgetting about innovators
like Stockhausen either.
It was only a matter of time that 2 greats collaborated
alltogether with Philip Glass.
Oh and Moby is the most overrated, selfrighteous artist
around these days, what a joke
Bowie and Aphex UBER ALLES!!!


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-05 21:55 [#00012557]


5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-07-05 22:19 [#00012559]

cheech wizard, the 'heroes' remix is a waste of time. The
only noticable changes in the track from its original form
are audio effects to the vocals and some of the instruments.
Basically audiofucking around w/ the same copy to make some
quick cash. Its readily availble to dl on your local
filesharing server if your still interested in hearing it.
Its out of print so the only place you'll find it is online
or perhaps in a used record shop.


Scary Bear on 2001-07-05 23:16 [#00012578]

Yeah man that one minute sample wasn't all that entertaining
I thought.


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