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london massive

dirty little bitch on 2001-06-12 09:36 [#00009323]

i'm..'er...goin' to see wagon christ spin some tunes this
coming friday.
anyone else in london town gonna be there?


streamer on 2001-06-12 09:59 [#00009324]

You bet you arse I'm gonna be there, u dirty little bitch!!
Wagon Christ, James Lavelle, Die, Krust?
Who wouldn't be there??!!
po{e} wouldn't cos Friday night is youth club and getting
pissed in the park night.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-06-12 12:08 [#00009331]

nope i have BETTER acts to see, im seeing orbital, so shut
your arragant faces up cum stream especially


streamer on 2001-06-12 12:14 [#00009333]

Orbital better than James Lavelle and Wagon Christ?! Sort it
out, po{e}. Where are you going to see them? Peering through
the window of the venue on top of three of your mates
shoulders? Or perhaps on Blue Peter? Or is that passed your


po{e} from the uk on 2001-06-12 12:22 [#00009338]

dont know where / when, the launch of mtv:dance
whenever.whereever that is


cheech wizard from cloudcuckooland on 2001-06-12 12:26 [#00009339]

to say that james lavelle is better than orbital is pushing
it a bit....


streamer on 2001-06-12 12:32 [#00009341]



cheech wizard from cloudcuckooland on 2001-06-12 12:43 [#00009343]

not a fan of orbital but respect to them i reckon,theyve
been around for a while and its just a shame they re a tad
too comercial.but what has lavelle ever done ? mo fucking
wax? he s a good business man thats all,and he knows who to
work with. : )


rubbish john on 2001-06-12 12:56 [#00009346]

james lavelle. he's wicked dj.
he's one half of U.N.K.L.E and started his own record label
at the age of eighteen.
orbital 'aint really my cup of tea and produce different
music in a different way and to compare would be silly.
no surprises as to who brought orbital into this topic of
conversation (you silly little boy).
anyways, i'll also be at fabric as well this friday bustin'
some moves.


streamer on 2001-06-12 13:09 [#00009348]

What has James Lavelle ever done?!
How many people do you know who have their own successful,
respected label at 18? Not to mention residencies at both
Cream and Fabric, being a kick-arse DJ who can always get me
moving, and as rubbish john rightly says, making up one half
of U.N.K.L.E along with DJ Shadow!! Is that not enough for


cheech wizard from cloudcuckooland on 2001-06-12 13:21 [#00009353]

well im definetly not saying i could do better.and its true
that ive discovered some great stuff through him.i just find
him arrogant...but maybe im a bit ignorant on the subject.:

.isnt mo wax part of a conglomerate?
endtroducing is one of my favourite albums,but he
s(shadow) not on mo any more right?


streamer on 2001-06-12 13:25 [#00009354]

I'm not sure if Shadow is still on MoWax. MoWax used to be
an independant but I think since it started it has been
bought out, but James Lavelle still runs it........
This is not gospel, just what I think.
I too have heard that he's turned into a bit of an arrogant
prick, but I suppose 90% of the DJ's out there are prima


cheech wizard from cloudcuckooland on 2001-06-12 13:39 [#00009356]

britain does have its fair share!


rubbish john on 2001-06-12 13:48 [#00009358]

'Tis true!


nekta killa from in a bin on 2001-06-12 18:30 [#00009384]

i like both ha ha thats all sorted!


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