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squarepusher (beat this)

rob from the loft bar in nottingham on 2001-05-20 13:53 [#00006863]

he tried to chat up my bird in a bar in cambden town a
little while ago. his beard was full of bitter foam and he
also set off a party popper and gave a bloke an epileptic
fit cos of this. he keeps pestering my bird, and is
apparently in love with her(according to chris cunningham).
who is a lanky bastard who talks sleazy to women. can anyone
beat this? btw the reason that squarepusher didn't do his
radio 1 broadcast the other week was cos he was absolutely
hammered cos he'd been on the beers with my bird in soho.

can you beat that for a cool little story????

also his new single is about his dick (listen close and he
say RED HOT CAR-----CK).


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-05-07 06:20 [#01176918]
Points: 14865 Status: Lurker



offline isnieZot from pooptown (Belgium) on 2004-05-07 06:21 [#01176919]
Points: 4949 Status: Lurker



offline Doomed Puppy from on and off and on and off and on 2004-05-07 06:27 [#01176923]
Points: 1818 Status: Addict used to be such an awesome place....


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-05-07 06:29 [#01176924]
Points: 14865 Status: Lurker

I just bumped this because I thought it went nicely with
pomme's thread.


offline Key_Secret from Sverige (Sweden) on 2004-05-07 06:29 [#01176925]
Points: 9325 Status: Regular | Followup to horsefactory: #01176924

and the aphex twin spotting-thread.


offline aphextriplet from your mothers bedroom (United Kingdom) on 2004-05-07 06:49 [#01176933]
Points: 4731 Status: Lurker

famous people are dicks


offline JAroen from the pineal gland on 2004-05-07 07:01 [#01176939]
Points: 16065 Status: Regular

even worse, dick is a famous person


online EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-07-19 07:28 [#02609997]
Points: 19307 Status: Regular | Followup to rob: #00006863

cannot beat this no you win sir


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