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dilinger escape plan "come to daddy"

RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-05-14 02:28 [#00006302]

does anybody know when dillenger escape plan is going to
relases their version of "come to daddy" ?? i heard they
were goint to put it on a 7" ??

they are a wild,heavy band, (think godflesh)


Ross from can on 2001-05-14 02:41 [#00006303]

i heard they broke up


LtAirComStarscream from NY on 2001-05-14 05:11 [#00006306]

they didnt break up. there lead singer had to call it quits
cause he got a real job. so now they are looking for a new
lead singer. I hope they recorded the 7" already cause there
old lead singer kicks ass. I know the guy that sets up there
lights at shows and he said theyve been practicing it alot
and he said the drummer goes outa his mind when he plays it.


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-05-15 01:14 [#00006387]



Ross from can on 2001-05-15 03:17 [#00006414]

right on, sounds interesting


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-15 04:08 [#00006422]

Yes I agree Ross!


Ross from can on 2001-05-15 04:27 [#00006424]

are you from vancouver? have i asked you that before naphex?


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, B.C. Canada on 2001-05-15 10:33 [#00006444]

Yes Ross, I am from V-Dot.....LOL Vancouver sounds
better....but to a local MC Rapper, it would be V-dot!
I remember a group of punk ass dudes that grew up in my hood
that became somewhat of a sensation...they would be Redd One
and his idiot cronie from the rap group Rascalz. I grew up
in East Van....SAINTS POWER!!!! what a joke!-peace man!
email me at my yahoo above.....later


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, B.C. Canada on 2001-05-15 10:35 [#00006445]

That Rascalz thing was a little random, hence, I am drunk on
Gin and Mary Jane! werd!


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