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Richard from finland on 2001-05-12 23:01 [#00006226]

hey you all! been away for some time,
noticed a lot of drug-related messages,
so I'm gonna advertise a site YOU have
to plunge in :
from there, goto plants and drugs.
warning : erowid is addictive.


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-05-13 02:52 [#00006234]

drugs and alcholhol (sp?) and weed are for


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-13 04:35 [#00006238] HAHAHAH ive been going there for A LONG time


Richard from finland on 2001-05-13 10:22 [#00006258]

how nice for you, but not all people understand to read
about drugs !


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-13 10:38 [#00006259]

well no shit! i run into these people everyday.. shoving
shit up their nose and shoving ever more down their throats
[XTC, E]... and I laugh at them..


Richard from finland on 2001-05-13 10:56 [#00006260]

yeah, me too.been there done that.
couple of years ago I grew up and moved
on with my life.drugs are shite.people always think I'm a
drug user cause I'm knowledgeable about the topic.


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-05-13 11:13 [#00006262]

well that's what you get when you post messages like this.



od from australia on 2001-05-13 14:57 [#00006274]

its your own choice. i do pot. its stupid. but sometimes it
feels great to do somethign stupid.


qy-70 from Maccetroonie on 2001-05-13 17:41 [#00006277]



qy-70 from Maccetroonie on 2001-05-13 17:45 [#00006278]

FunGuts... Heheh.. Its all shite, my friends are getting
wasted because of this ***.. its eevviill..


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