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Caramel w/cheese

Rob Fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-10 07:59 [#00006077]

I should make a point of pointing out that I broke my face
when I stumbled upon a caramel and cheese sunday (note: not
sundae). It made me realise that life could be all of like
that stuff and then you say 'YEEEEEES!'. Understand?
But soon I was caught by myself thinking about people
covered in air, then I thought, "What a stupid idea...".
Well, here could be the not too perfect example of what
might happen if people struggle to free themselves from the
grip of 'New topic and initial message':
1. They might blame Phobiazero for inventing a small fox
2. pinnochio may one day discover that he is, in fact, a
real human boy, contrary to normal belief, and that as soon
as Geppeto notices this, he will immediately make a puppet
of a naked woman, with many hopes.
3. Only on tuesdays
4. The majority of people living on moo-horse farms will
look away in disgust, due to the fact that wizards teeth is
eating some blue vein chocolate.
5. A new custom remix will appear, then everyone will vote
for it, it is called "Ageispolis (Deformation Mix)" and its
by fragilenine.
6. People will realise that the number 6 is of course the
number that you need to replace all Gs with, and then the
world will be a better place.
7. Then they will realise how much of a mistake that was,
because the world is no fun without something interesting.
8. Loops will be played, through distortion and flanger.
9. Nine
20. Yes


M on 2001-05-10 08:08 [#00006080]

I'm sorry, were you saying something? I'm afraid I wasn't
paying attention. Changing the, um, subject, I was wondering
if you got my remix of your song
"Ambidodechahedroneebiuszanzabarnexusator", or if the email
malfunctioned or something. I did send it though.


Rob Fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-10 08:16 [#00006084]

i got your remix of ambiblismpot, it's incredible, even
though it sounds nothing like the original... can i use it
on our remixes and b-sides album - Negative Alpha Index -
XxxXXXxxXxXX)(#&%@ ?


M on 2001-05-10 08:23 [#00006085]

Yeah sure, that's fine with me. Actually, I uploaded that
song onto my page. I figured it was quite different
enough from your song that you wouldn't mind. I did give you
credit though. (I put the credit as Rob Buphaleus or
whatever the hell your other name was.) If you have any
problem with this let me know and I'll be happy to keep it
there anyway:). Did you get that other song too, "melody 1"?


rob fragilenine from Australia on 2001-05-14 05:22 [#00006313]

yes i got your other song melody 1, i'm remixing it, and
it's gonna sound a bit like a cross between yellow calx and
girl/boy song, and it's going to be called "melodies from

my working name for that remix is 'negative alpha index' or
[-a] for short.


M on 2001-05-14 06:17 [#00006329]

Cool! I'll remix that 2nd song you sent (quite good). But I
won't do it for awhile probably.


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