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crapnose from Montreal on 2001-04-26 02:28 [#00004672]

EVERYBODY go out and pick up this FANTASTIC album. It's
totally mind-blowing. I've always wondered what punk-rap
would sound like, now i know. Damon Albarn's vocals are
great, Del's appearances are completely up to par, and the
rest (Miho Hatori, Ibrahim Ferrier) are all great as well.
Dan the Automator produced it too. This is likely to be in
my top 3 albums of the year.


hevquip from crab vs. lobster on 2001-04-26 04:13 [#00004680]

i saw their video for clint eastwood and it was awesome and
i've heard another song of theirs on a radio show. they're
definitely a cool group and i think i'll be buying their cd
sometime soon.


Ross from can. on 2001-04-26 05:17 [#00004689]

i will be getting it albarn (blur work) and clint
eastwood is rad


velocity_kendall from in here on 2001-04-26 10:46 [#00004705]

It's shite .


rubbish john from a speeding chevette on 2001-04-26 12:18 [#00004710]

i bought the album on the strength of the single 'clint
eastwood', and i must say that i was very dissapointed.
i have respect for damon albarn and blur, but i will never
forgive them for stuff like 'country house'.


wizards teeth from Inside a room filled with bromide on 2001-04-26 12:27 [#00004711]

I wonder if damon albarn would have been so sucessful if he
looked like peter beardsley.

That is how shit the system is. I certainly wouldn't watch
Britney Spears videos accompanied by a box of tissues if she
was thirty three stone.


rubbish john from your local supermarket on 2001-04-26 12:44 [#00004712]

wizard - simply by not buying some decent porn of your own
and 'making do' with a britney video, you are contributing
to the very system that you call 'shit'.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-04-26 17:18 [#00004733]

i went through an indie phase and i still think blur are

that gorrilaz song, i have to say is SHIT in a bag


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum on 2001-04-27 00:37 [#00004767]

I borrowed the album of a friend, and I must say that it's
disappointing. I quite liked Clint Eastwood when I heard it
(at least up until the two hundred and forty-sixth time on
radio). But the rest of the album is willy.
I've heard Eastwood so many times now that I want to hurt
them all. Video was cool though...

Nighty night,



Ross from can. on 2001-04-27 01:45 [#00004789]

i downloaded 3 tracks off of it, and they're all very skeptical about it now, it's prolly not
worth my Money. the tracks ive heard dont seem to go
anywhere, at all


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