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Live Acts

po{e} from the uk on 2001-04-25 20:05 [#00004610]

im kinda annoyed about either the lack of me knowing about
Aphex live or his inability/to be bothered to do live acts.

can any one tell me when where ..if he does.

is anyone from the uk going to see orbital in cambridge
later this year?
i may be there, but i think it may be full of trendy twats
who only like their current single not their reall good
early stuff....any who's, this topic could also be used for
experiences etc at live gigs, those stories are some times


tune*mx on 2001-04-25 20:29 [#00004617]

go for it anyway :-)


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-25 20:42 [#00004622]

Aphex Twin hasn't played Live for years. When he plays all
he uses is his vinyls and his lap-top. When he plays as
caustic window on may 11 in London he will properly do the


clobeSmith from um ... here on 2001-04-25 20:44 [#00004623]

i know it's a really old topic, but does anyone know why he
pulled out of coachella? it was brought up when i first
found this message board and ... um, i'm still upset i won't
get to see him. can someone feed me an excuse. thanks.


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-25 20:48 [#00004624]

Richard had the flu


Come To Daddy from Dallas Tx on 2001-04-25 23:24 [#00004641]

It sucks that Richard doesn't do live performances anymore.
Since I have Napster and alot of his live performances can
be found there I decided to download them all, and they kick
even more ass than his normal tracks. if you Download Words
and Music, the promo for Selected Ambient Works Voulme II,
he talks about doing live performances and how much of a
pain in the ass it is, I think you should check it out.


takeshi on 2001-04-26 07:55 [#00004692]

does anyone have any tapes of his live sets? if so i would
be interested in a copy


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-26 13:00 [#00004716]

If you are intrested in any live shows on cdr. I will be
happy to help you. E-mail me if you are intrested on



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