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Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-14 19:18 [#00021787]

At 3:47am (Melbourne time) I got the email from the

Yes, it's the email that lets you listen to 54 Cymru Beats.

I'm shaking!!! I'm too excited!!!



I'm not too sure how to explain the track (I have only
listened to it once) but the last minute or so is rather
heavy :-)


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-14 19:25 [#00021788]

I'm not too good at describing music so thats why I havent
done so with 54 Cymru Beats. All I know is that it's far
from ambient :-)

If your too lazy to check your mail or to excited heres the

I really can't see how this could be a hoax so finally the
first Drukqs track is out for listening by the general


ohin on 2001-08-14 19:33 [#00021790]

it's very heavy, drill-and-base sounding to me. the thing
is, i'm not sure if i like it. the drum work is amazing if
nothing else though.


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-14 19:36 [#00021792]

Yeah, I really like the beginning and the end but it lose's
me a little in the middle.

I'm sure I'll learn to love it all with time :-)

I didn't really like 2 remixes by AFX at first listen but
now I love them...


----- from ------ on 2001-08-14 19:53 [#00021795]

I think my new track "Dibby13r" is just as good actually.


zetre on 2001-08-14 19:54 [#00021796]

It sure ain´t drill´n´bass (and thank god for that :) ).
No masterpiece eighter.


Dave on 2001-08-14 20:26 [#00021804]

i'm a little disappointed. if i hadn't known who it was,
i'd mistake it for a squarepusher track. this is the kind
of stuff he's capable of churning out in his sleep -- hell,
in a few interviews on this site he mentions a program he is
writing that will just write the music for him. could this
be a fruit of that labor?


pauwl from here at the moment on 2001-08-14 20:26 [#00021805]

sheesh!, just finished listening to it, the last bit made my
brain melt!...shit

At the moment track one on the MEN EP is doin it for me, big
style, kicks arse!


aav from Sweden on 2001-08-14 20:37 [#00021809]

Wow hm.. I like it the more i listen to it. Give it a


leftrightronic on 2001-08-14 20:39 [#00021810]

This is pure Aphex.. don't compare it to anything else.
Just listen to it and remember this is only ONE track of a
total THIRTY coming out soon; it will most likely have more
meaning when heard as a whole with the entire album. Relax
and try not to take apart every fucking thing you hear.



hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-08-14 20:54 [#00021811]

it's absolute shit...actually i'm listening to it right now
and don't know what to think. it is very squarepusher. it
has been stated that drukqs will be one of the more
mainstream releases of his though.


5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-08-14 21:01 [#00021813]

The distorted harmonics in the end are sick on this track.
Also noticing that he might take up the Vocoder on a regular
basis when it comes to vocals. Gimmmme more!


c_N from stockholm, sweden on 2001-08-14 21:03 [#00021814]

this one was very nice! it's got samples from the equation
track off of the windowlicker ep.. if i'm not totally
mistaken(?). i'm very much looking forward to druqks, even
if it's gonna be more commercial or whatever, it's still
richard d fucking james.


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-08-14 21:05 [#00021815]

It is.........



5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-08-14 21:05 [#00021816]

CN, you are correct about the 'Formula' vocal samples that
at the end of the track. I also observed this but thought
it was unneccasary to state the obvious.


CUN8eR LASIT from LASiT on 2001-08-14 22:45 [#00021828]

Too early to say definite, but I reckon it's fucken cool.
Hearing it on cd will definetly help (maybe) - get that song
out of the swamp.


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-14 22:46 [#00021830]

Im suprised to say this this is a fucking cool track.


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-14 22:53 [#00021833]

Oooh, you wascawy wabbit! What in tarnations is this ".rm"
shinannigans! I can't play that!


mike on 2001-08-14 22:57 [#00021836]

Real media foo
Ya this rocks


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-08-14 23:01 [#00021838]

I highly doubt that this is one of the better tracks of the
up and coming album, but its not bad at all IMO, it seems to
be just some sort of amalgamation of styles and samples from
his career made into a pretty nutty track.
The first single of I CARE BECAUSE YOU DO was Ventolin which
is faaaaaar from my favorite ( some love it , some hate
it), and it sounds like nothing else on that entire album,
the rest of ICBYD I love dearly.
I didnt expect some masterpiece track from the album to come
our way at first at all, why would they??
This is not going to be released as a single anyways, this
is just to keep us quiet for a bit longer, but generally
most seem to really like it a lot as a matter of fact.
I think the rest of the album will be far better then this,
even though some people think that this is a great track.
Personally im not a fan of the fast Squarepusher VIC Acid
sound at all ( Im just sort of bored of it now thats all),
but to each their own ofcourse.
Dont be discouraged if any of you dont like this , theres 29
(!)other totally different tracks coming your way.
I Love the melody part that starts at around !;30 into the
track , I just wish it lasted longer...


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-14 23:07 [#00021840]

"easylink" my ass. I'll just wait till the damn album comes


aav from Sweden on 2001-08-14 23:56 [#00021845]

Most of the people with negative comments seem to compare
this with Squarepusher.. I haven't heard much of SP, but
54CB is for me a great track on it's own. It did require my
full attention to shine, but that's something I enjoy both
in music and film. Anyway, give it a break and wait for the
album. :P


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-08-15 00:51 [#00021869]

What surprises me more is the lack of comments on this new
single by Aphex, instead people write and comment about BOC,
the Beatles , fruityloops......etc...
Erm, this is The Aphex Twin site, isnt it?
its been 5 years since a new album, 2 and half years since
Its the most anticipated album of the year by any electronic
artist, plus this is the greatest electronic artist since
No asskissing here but this is a new track of APHEX TWIN's
new album dammit......
No offense intended guys...


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-15 00:54 [#00021876]

PostModernVancouver {fellow canadian}: yes.... well the new
AFX single is quite interesting indeed. The first track is
killer, the second one is good. and the 3rd one is just
interesting to say the least! The first track has great
flow, .... hehe. and it works so well. I was glad to hear
that, to hear AFX mix someone elses song, that you would not
normaly expect to hear him do..... music like that i mean. I
think its a little taste of some shit on the new album.
Maybe, maybe not.. we will have to see. I cant wait.


ded_zero from kenosha wisconsin on 2001-08-15 00:54 [#00021877]

i must say THE LAST 50 SECONDS made me do a big RDJ grin!
that good stuff i can't wait for the release


ded_zero from kenosha wisconsin on 2001-08-15 00:54 [#00021878]

i must say THE LAST 50 SECONDS made me do a big RDJ grin!
that good stuff i can't wait for the release


ww_sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-08-15 02:13 [#00021898]

You're all just a bunch of Aphex Heads.. :P

He experiments so much that it becomes unlistenable. The
beginning is interesting....and thats about it....mabe some
other tracks will be better on it.......i hope. I don't want
the new album to be a flop....

now if you'll excuse me i'm going to listen to
Windowlicker... :P ;)


VAMPIRE ANGEL from San Juan,Puerto Rico on 2001-08-15 03:08 [#00021907]

It is difficult for me explaining this.Dont have too many
words because the music speaks for itself.One more time RDJ
proves that he is a real genious.And that he is definately
on top of everything,musically speaking.I thought the new
Men label AFX 2 remixes were great,but man,this is just way
out my expectations.Combines old Aphex plus new
stuph.Brilliant.I know the new double cd-Drukqs are going to
be just like that plus much more.He will combine uneven
drill-n-bass beats plus some ambient,plus noises,plus
everything that is Richard d James...........R3FL3X,and
everybody,are ya with me.


Tek from Australia on 2001-08-15 03:18 [#00021910]

I just heard the track and I have to say that I'm pleasently
surprised,... I especially like the (vocader?) effects at
the beggining,.. they reminded me of more ICBYD era


Pitch in Retrograde from texas on 2001-08-15 03:36 [#00021913]

i've listened to the song a few times. at first, granted i
liked the song, but i wasn't too impressed. but its been
like that with alot of rdj's music. it just takes time for
it to completely sink in. when i listened to SAM vol 2 i
hated it. but a few months later i listened to it again and
fell in love with it.

and besides, this is just one song off of a two disc set. i
have faith that i will be pleased when the final product
comes out and blesses my ears.


Richd on 2001-08-15 03:48 [#00021923]

im not buying drukqs anymore!


Organ Grinder/Glyph Whitey from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-15 03:53 [#00021925]

Good track. nuff said.


rob fragilenine from a warm place on 2001-08-15 03:57 [#00021928]

HOLY SHIT!!!! THAT SONG ROCKS!!!!!! I don't know about the
rest of you, but to me it sounds FUCKIN AWESOME!!! I was
expecting some 40-second noise clip or something! The good
thing is, it sounds (a bit) like the equation track, but has
more structure! I sure hope the rest of the album is like
this (especially like the hard parts at around 3:48)...


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-08-15 04:01 [#00021931]

well i am personally creaming myself at this :) Its
brilliant, absolutely fan dabi tastic :D.

love me


Tek from Australia on 2001-08-15 05:28 [#00021954]

just unsubscribing to this thread,.. I don't wanna be
spammed :p


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-08-15 05:33 [#00021956]

(i'm curious to what phobiazero thought. enlighten us ...
heh heh)


PearlsGirrl on 2001-08-15 07:14 [#00021968]

im diggin it ;)


ww_sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-08-15 07:51 [#00021985]

Actually......after a few listens it's not that bad........

once again, it's "intelligent" takes a few
listens to get used too........i guess.......


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-15 07:52 [#00021987]

Its a damn good song, not what I was expecting at all. but
damn good none the less.


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-15 08:27 [#00021991]

I'm totally into now. Loooovvvveee it :-)

Bring on Drukqs!!


digitalbubblebeth on 2001-08-15 09:17 [#00022006]

are the voices near the beginning saying "gummi bears"??


CM on 2001-08-15 12:42 [#00022075]

m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m, if you can't acsess the
*.rm file then i can send it too u as *.mp3 if you'd like


daan_e from Utrecht on 2001-08-15 14:08 [#00022086]

cm: would you send it to my e-mail address please? (Please?)
I can't open any real player files right now but I HAVE to
hear this track.
Thanks. (


Cum To Daddy from Kentucky on 2001-08-15 14:20 [#00022090]

I've got to say.. I love it. Aphex rocks. I'm sure the best
has yet to cum aswell. Can't wait...


jonnyboyca from sacramento, california on 2001-08-15 15:38 [#00022106]

this is awesome... especially the last 45 seconds or so!...
to REALLY appreciate this track you should try listening to
this with headphones... mmmmmmmmm.... a brain fuck is what
this song is... :o) sure the last bit sounds like
squarepusher's "Come On My Selector ".... but to me i
picture that little girl getting attacked by her dog on
aphex's new track... tee hee hee... ;o)


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-08-15 16:04 [#00022115]

Cm: Send the mp3 to me please. I could make it downloadable
from this site.


Matt from ------ on 2001-08-15 17:06 [#00022133]



Joyrex from, of course! on 2001-08-15 18:50 [#00022166]

Phobia: make sure you get permission from WARP first - they
are really, really particular about DrukQs tracks in Mp3


zetre on 2001-08-15 20:24 [#00022195]

Sometimes Aphex just crams to much stuff into his stuff,
without thinking about how it affects the overall
impression. Like this tune, I think it´s a bit complexity
over quality really..


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-15 22:44 [#00022242]

Yeah, thanks a lot!


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