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Are there any new Aphex Twin releases in the near future???

popwilleatitse1f from Canada on 2001-02-21 07:27 [#00000144]

exactly what the topic says


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada / WWW.TORLEY.COM on 2001-02-21 07:40 [#00000145]

good question, one i'd like to see a definitive answer to
myself but for now, it's mostly speculation and a creative
lot at that.

there are two confirmed "new" tracks on the rerelease of
Surfing On Sine Waves which you might be interested in. i
really like those Polygon Window tracks. also the "Vis
Inack" thing -- a hoax or not? -- which i think you can find
on, i haven't seen it posted here at
yet. or search Napster for the "Vis Inack" MP3, all of the
ones i've seen are 160 kbps, about 4:43 min. in length

hope this helps a bit, you take care now :).

P.S. are you a fan of the band Pop Will Eat Itself? on a
related note, i fancy Clint Mansell's Pi soundrack.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-02-21 07:57 [#00000150]

We have not posted the 'Vis Inack' here since I believe it's
a hoax (I hope it is). Anyway, I don't wanna spread
rumour-tracks. There are too many on the Net already.

Hopefully it'll get listed in the Hoaxes-droplet soon!?


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada / WWW.TORLEY.COM on 2001-02-21 08:24 [#00000151]

Phobiazero: a complete Hoaxes report would be great. it's
unfortunate that on Napster and other flle distro nets (i'm
*not* blaming anyone, of course!), once a file gets
mislabelled, the unfortunate typo gets carried on and on and
on ad infinitum...... i'll say no more, except for:

i do enjoy some of these hoaxes, not because they're falsely
being attributed to Aphex, but as being good music in their
own right -- i.e. the violin/d 'n' b "To Forgive But Not
Forget" by Outside which is often mistaken as an Aphex
track. i like it.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-02-21 08:28 [#00000152]

There is already a list over known hoaxes in the
EXPLORE-section...maybe you knew that already.


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada / WWW.TORLEY.COM on 2001-02-21 08:45 [#00000153]

i haven't visited that list in the new v4, but i saw it...
looks like a comprehensive list of titles. my humble
suggestion tho: maybe it'd be nice to go further and compile
more info, like the actual producer behind each of the
hoaxes and what it's actually called (if applicable), where
it can be found for curious listeners (Napster prolly), and
soforth. whatever you think would be worthwhile,

BTW, i'm not sure if "Breathe (like an Aphex Twin mix)"
should be considered a hoax or not... it comes across to me
as being more of one of our fan remixes, you know?
especially since it's titled as "LIKE an...". it's
Aphex-inspired but not claiming to be by him.

the "Speed Racer" hoax is originally by Alpha Team aka DJ
Keoki, non?


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-02-21 08:56 [#00000154]

The list is there for clearing out things. No matter if it's
a remix, fake-track or whatever. As long as the track is
confusing the fans - then it should be there to prove
it's not made by Rich

As for more comprehensive info about the track...sure, but
it's deep down on my list. I don't really like to promote
artists who have made faked tracks
-- then maybe
everybody starts to make hoaxes just to get on the list with
their name on it.

But if you're having specific info or details about
the hoaxes then please send it to me -- that might speed
things up.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-02-21 10:46 [#00000160]

popwilleatitse1f: Richard has some still
unreleased stuff (EXPLORE-section for details), but they
won't be released in the near future. Reissues and
side-projects are what we'll get pretty soon. I think we
should be satisfied with this. =)

Just make sure to buy all his previous stuff.


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada / WWW.TORLEY.COM on 2001-02-21 11:43 [#00000163]

Phobiazero: thanks for clarifying. i know what you mean, and
it's good to end the confusion, although perhaps another
logical place to put this sort of info -- eventually since
you are so hardworking and busy -- would be in a FAQ. i know
Steve Price (Loopz),a jolly good guy, of the official
Orbital website is planning to do that for Orbital.

you said: "I don't really like to promote artists who have
made faked tracks"

this is totally understandable :)! but i'm sure you also
understand the many different circumstances in which these
situations come about. a number of the ones you have listed
at the moment don't seem to be tracks meant to be passed off
as fake, but rather, are the result of unintentional
labelling errors like i mentioned earlier. i think it's
alright and reasonable to give pointers in certain
instances... i.e. i believe Outside's "To Forgive But To Not
Forget" (aka "kickass violin solo") is a good piece, even if
it's not Aphex Twin... and other people might be interested
in a tangential way to know who REALLY made it.

BTW, seems a lot of people nowadays are confusing RDJ's
remix of "Popcorn" with the original Kingsley track which is
used on that pampers commercial. coincidence? i think not


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada / WWW.TORLEY.COM on 2001-02-21 11:44 [#00000164]

P.S. i like the new white-on-black transfer screen after a
message post. looks much smoother and nicely-formatted to


reissuing on 2001-07-18 22:10 [#00016413]



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