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\/\/ooƒer is ready for holidays...

\/\/ooƒer Attack²___ from Milan - Next week, Minorca on 2001-07-27 08:47 [#00018067]

Dear community, this is my last day on this board, I'll come
back between 2 or 3 weeks. Today I'll stop to write at about
18:30 (6:30PM)...
Finally, \/\/ooƒer go on holiday, too and he's very happy.
The Minorca's island is waiting for me...
I hope you all will survive without me... eh, eh, eh...


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-27 08:49 [#00018068]



\/\/ooƒer Attack2___ from Milan - Next week, Minorca on 2001-07-27 08:53 [#00018069]

Ok, that post was not by me, but a clone. For those that
care, I'm not going anywhere. Ha, a ryhmme..


[untitles] on 2001-07-27 08:54 [#00018070]

damn by stupidity for not cutting off the "next week" pat.


\/\/ooƒer Attack²___ from Milan on 2001-07-27 09:06 [#00018073]

Finally I am cloned!!!!!
Naturally, you all know the original message is from
This very stupid clone isn't able to write "²"... infact he
write "2"....

"\/\/ooƒer Attack²___" (this is me)

"\/\/ooƒer Attack2___" (this is the stupid icapable
clone)... eh, eh, eh...

Another thing, I always sign with the logo "\/\/ƒ"...

Poor, little, stupid, clone, ... one day I think I'll kill
Buuuuhuhuhuuh, buhhhhhuuu, buhhhh........


\/\/ooƒer Attack²___ from Milan on 2001-07-27 17:20 [#00018223]

Now it's time to go...

Many greetings to everybody and have a good summer
See you between 3 weeks!!!

Yours, \/\/ooƒer Attack!!!


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