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New Drukqs

D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-20 03:45 [#00016688]

I just checked and it has a couple guys talking
about money and how children spend there money on a cd and
how all they are getting is a long pause. Im not sure if it
is richard talking cuz i cant recall what his voice sounds
like, but it does say cunt alot and in a british accent so
who knows......


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-07-20 07:25 [#00016706]

Its a official site remember my words.


Kenchie from A secure unit on 2001-07-20 07:31 [#00016709]

Sounds like Derek & Clive...


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-20 07:38 [#00016718]

Put me down for one "FAKE SITE". Thanks.


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