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AFX winamp skins...

Bogus on 2001-07-18 08:37 [#00016142]

where can I get a hold on some? :)


-=[mCp]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-07-18 08:38 [#00016143]


Search for Aphex Twin (obviously)


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-18 08:43 [#00016149]

I have a few "not-yet-added-to-the-site" skins contributed
by fellow fans.

Sorry, I'll try to sort things out.


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-18 11:16 [#00016190]

I made a rough version of a skin (still to be completed,..
but pretty well done) up on reflex's site,.. he's
renovating,.. so you might not be able to access it straight
away,.. but here's the link anyway,...


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-18 12:16 [#00016212]

ok,... here's the complete version!!!!

phobs,... feel free to download the updated version,.. as
with Reflex


Bogus on 2001-07-18 19:01 [#00016379]

all the skins on the winamp site stink... yours ain't that
good either :) well ijust don't like it... but keep working
on it :)

i'm using a "the ataris" skin right now wich is pretty nice
and all but i don't even like 'the ataris' so i wanna change
it. sadly this is the best skin i've ever seen


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-19 01:40 [#00016422]

well bogus I've got two points for you
1 : If you don't like it then you do better!!!
2 : I've browsed for aphex skins before and found nothing
but crap,.. My skin is the best one that I've seen online,..
with working buttons and everything and being able to read
etc,.. if you have any layout idea's for the skin,... I'll
be happy to make them out for you,... at the moment I just
need idea's


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-19 02:15 [#00016425]

Yes you can go to my site, if your browser doesn't work for
my image map then I don't know what to say about it, im
sorry, ill make a purely TExt version of the main page as
well for those of you who can't acess the links on my image
map, sorry about that. if it doesn't work you can change
your browser, or check the specs.


Its in the DOWNLOADS section!

Oh and I added yours Tek.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-19 02:18 [#00016426]

Phobiazer0: you could just have a link to my skins? More
people would send them in, that way Its easier for you, and
better for the both of us?? I don't know maybe Im just
crazy! Ill spiff up my site a lot more soon.



Mescaline on 2001-07-19 07:40 [#00016448]

Tek thankx, your skin looks pretty well.


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-19 07:53 [#00016449]

you're englishs be pretty well too!!

thanx for the compliment,... I'll make a better one as soon
as someone gives me some idea's


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