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D12 "Purple Hills" video

Loogie from Oxford, UK on 2001-07-15 13:29 [#00015204]

In this video with Eminem is a brief glimpse of a women with
long hair and a beard - it looks very much like the
Windowlicker character. Anyone else notice this?


Bob Dole on 2001-07-15 14:22 [#00015210]

No, i'm afraid I didn't notice. But anyway, you have a good
time spotting women with orange hair in Eminem videos, while
I have a good time watching Windowlicker. fuckface


Scary Bear on 2001-07-15 15:06 [#00015213]

A little harsh perhaps


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-15 17:09 [#00015228]

i noticed that too. it looks borderline exactally like aphex

makes ya wonder.......... i don't see aphex in a d12 video,
but still............


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-15 21:55 [#00015260]

Argh. I hate Eminem, {is all fake}, D12 and his possé of
faggots. they suck ass. hip Hop is some alright shit.. if
its done well. I only like a limited selection that is. My
friend wanted me to burn him that cd off the net when they
released the promo cd, right before the real release. I
burnt it for him, and thought id give it a try.. for kix. It
was horrible, I hate Much Musc/MTV and I don't think ive
watched it once for months on end.



Loogie on 2001-07-15 22:08 [#00015267]

I didn't say I even liked Eminem, but I do watch TV
occasionally, and my point was could have been a reference
to the Windowlicker video.
I can guess what your type do while watching the
Windowlicker video, so watch this D12 video and have
something else to wank over.


Harry Dean Stanton on 2001-07-15 23:00 [#00015279]

If you are implying that I dream about being Richard when I
watch the 'Window Licker' video, then you'd be wrong. What I
do when the video it on, is masturbate wildly.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-16 11:16 [#00015431]

eminem was excreted from satans love hose and has spent the
remainder of his pointless existance trying to get back
try sticking your purple pills up your chocolate box!


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-16 11:27 [#00015433]

Reflex: umm you kinda overreacted then,.. no wonder you get
into arguments


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 11:30 [#00015434]

Tek: possibly, but thats what makes me who iam, and without
that aspect, iam not |REFLEX|!



Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 11:41 [#00015440]

Anyone who disses hip hop is a DICKHEAD.

Have you heard about anti-pop on warp?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 11:49 [#00015443]

I DISS HIPHOP. So what? I like some of it, thats about 10%
to 15% of hip hop.. i hate most. yes.



Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 11:49 [#00015444]

Yeah, I heard they signed them. Have you heard the Cannibal
Ox album, produced by El-P from Co Flow? It's amazing, the
most advanced hip-hop I've ever heard. Sounds like it's come
from 2010.


Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 12:44 [#00015459]


I love their album The Cold Vein.
Thats real hip hop straight to the essence.

I hate RAP MUSIC that aint hip hop like Puffy, Will Smith, D
12, Eminem, Nelly etc
Hip hop is something else, cannibal ox is hip hop.

Dont you like DJ Shadow??????? Thats hip hop.


Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 12:46 [#00015462]

It cant get more hip hop than hip hop himself = DJ Shadow.


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 12:49 [#00015465]

Arch: I like about 50% of DJ Shadow's stuff, the more
beat-chopping stuff. I find some of 'epic' ones a bit Pink
Floyd. Have you heard the mix CD he's done with Cut Chemist?
It's got all the original soul + funk tunes they've sampled,
scratched to fucking bits. It's a bootleg, but it's pretty
easy to get hold of.


Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 14:39 [#00015479]

WOW I got to chek that!!! I heard about a Cut Chemist DJ
Shadow collabo, if its pure funk and soul I got to get it
(im a DJ shadow plus scratch fanatic).

I love soul (Curtis MAyfield, Al Green, Ottis Redding,
Marvin Gaye etc)...
Its all about giving respect to the originals..


Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 14:40 [#00015480]

thanx for the tips!


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 14:47 [#00015484]

Cool... If I can remember the name of that CD, I'll post it
up... gaaaah... It was Slushy mix, or Slurpy mix, or
something like that. Also, if you like hard old soul stuff,
check 'New Orleans Funk', a compilation on Soul Jazz
records. It's got bone-breaking hard fonk all over it, fat
drums and screaming madmen.


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-07-16 14:52 [#00015489]

you want some cut chemist+dj shadow??

go to
the log-in is:
password is: betabollox

go into my locker and on the second page is a few mp3s of
Brainfreeze 1,2 and 3
take them and play them!!!!


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 14:57 [#00015493]

AAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAA. Brainfreeze. That was it.


Archrival from NY on 2001-07-16 15:39 [#00015504]

HEY THANX!!! I LOVE YOU, much love thanx!! Thats some
amazing MUSIC I just love it!!



Archrival on 2001-07-16 16:28 [#00015513]

Diss hip-hop dickheads??? Hip-hop is better than Aphex,
gezz!!!! have you not heard the music of Insane Clown Posse,
Method Man, Xzibit, Lil Bow Wow??? and what about the "new"
vannilla ice, he's making a come back in hip hop, he's
breaking boundaries more then any Dick Raper James
could!!!!!!!!! you guys need to take a chill-pill and kick
it for real, yo.


Archrival from NY on 2001-07-16 16:36 [#00015521]

HHAAHA LOL this is gettin funny, now even I got a clone, I
think Im starting to get famous (fucking imposters) :)


Archrival from NY on 2001-07-16 16:37 [#00015522]

its too easy to clone eachother on this forum.


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-16 17:14 [#00015531]

i find eminem funny.
i guess i'm alone here.


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 17:14 [#00015532]

No, I think he's funny as well. Bcuz he is.


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