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rate your significance/importance of existence

Scary Bear on 2001-07-15 00:49 [#00015133]

OK, please bare in mind that I am a lot younger than most of
the ppl here I think.

But why do you hav this notion that we have to earn our
position to be on this earth or else have it taken.

A lot of religious "weak people" have advantages over us
atheists hevquip. Because of their beleif in the divine,
which they have lived with for long enough to convince
themselves that it is truly there (god, jesus, alla,
whatever), they are walking around with a lot more
appreciation of life, like on a big high. At least the
religious people I have met anyway. They have much more
respect for people than a lot of the ones I grew up with,
they give thanks, they don't want to harm living creatures.
Religion caused a lot of wars in history but now most of
them (or at least roman catholics) are some of the kindest
people have met. So what if they die with a wrong idea in
their head if it made them lead a better life. And surely if
they lead a better life then they have "earned the right to
stay alive" more than us two have yet you have completely
rejected them.

Personally I'd just walk off as if you weren't even there
with the gun. Your opinions and beleifs , as far as I'm
concerned (because I don't know you), are completely random.
So whatever I say may either jeopordise or improve my
chances of living. If I just walk off it all depends on
whether you have the guts to pull the trigger without being
provoked by anything I have said, without knowing me.


fleckothegecko from confield on 2001-07-15 01:37 [#00015138]

im 14. you younger?


hevquip from halfway between here and there on 2001-07-15 06:19 [#00015148]

to the following i would say:

mariah: seeing that you believe in god (that's how you've
come across at least), you shouldn't fear what i'm about to
do. (bang!) i dont think one should not quit
asking questions such as i have. i think it is necessary and
part of human nature as to wonder why we work the way we do
and do what we do.

the way i see it, if someone loved god enough and had true
confidence in their faith, they would be willing to allow me
to kill them, believing that what is in the afterlife is
better than what they have here.

od: i think it is good to work at understanding others
because you can gain insight about yourself. if there was no
meaning to life though, then it would be a waste of time
because there would be no need learn about such
insignificant, unimportant people.

hedtwin: i would be impressed and offer to tell you a joke.

m: i think that anyone can agree that at least the most
simple meaning of life would be reproducing so that your
progeny can do the same. but the question from that would be
"but what is it all good for?", because you think that it
would have to lead to something eventually, besides us
completely overrunning the planet. (something you believe as
i understand)

scary bear: i dont exactly have the notion that one has to
earn their place, but more of whether or not if people can
come up with a reason as to why they are here and what they
are to accomplish.

i would like to say the following: i only wanted to know if
one could come up with answers as to why they are here. i
think the answers are subjective and that there will
probably never be an objective answer, unless one was to say
that the purpose of life was to reproduce, because that is
what all living things do (species wise, not necessarily
individually). i do not believe i have the power to judge on
someones utility or purpose. the only reason used a gun in
my example is because if someone threatened to do the same,
you'd most likely do what they asked and people dont
question their existence enough.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-07-15 21:57 [#00015262]

hevquip: I woudl accept your offer to tell a joke, and my
eyes woudl ligth up with excitement.


Loogie from classified on 2001-07-15 22:38 [#00015274]

Kaboom! you're dead.

Bad luck hevquip, guess you shouldn't have hesitated.


nutter. on 2001-07-16 10:04 [#00015399]

hevquip - whilst you ask your question, i would take the gun
from you and the proceed to shoot you in both shoulders.
then as you shake and squirm in confusion on the floor, i'll
ask you why you bother, and then before you even answer me,
i'll shoot you as many times as i can in the neck.


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