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|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-08 09:52 [#00013149]

Who here likes plone? I thought Id mention them on here... I
got two of their Cds and one single a while ago, and kinda
left it lying around, I wasn't too interested for some
reason at the time, I just started listening to it again,
its fucking great. Anyone else?


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-07-08 14:15 [#00013174]

i love them they are the shit what cd's do you have i
thought they only had for beginner piano and the plock
single. i havent heard anything else other then a live set i
found on napster like 8 months ago???


M m M m on 2001-07-08 20:21 [#00013215]

All I have is for beginner piano. It's really good, but
still I don't listen to it much. The melodies are good, but
the drum beats are so cheese. Besides,
makes better melodies. Some of their sound has a pink
bubblegumish quality.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-08 21:47 [#00013222]

Naw I think Plone has a good style, the beats are sweet ass.
I dunno about their releases though Id have to check. Oh
well... bu yes, Plone, in my opinion is very good.

What about Bochum Welt?


ross on 2001-07-08 22:09 [#00013225]

plone is cute, my friend Karlene couldnt believe how neat it
was..perfect summery, simple fun music


M m M m on 2001-07-09 04:33 [#00013268]

Yeah, happy puppy dogs wearing cute sun glasses.


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