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haggling tactics

offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2023-08-18 09:04 [#02629877]
Points: 6096 Status: Regular

Look Sonny Jim, prices are coming down. Covid, the war in
Ukraine, inflation, and a general apathy towards high price
vintage synth market. Why is your price double, no triple,
what the item is worth? Is it possible that you can make the
price a tad fairer please? I’m totally willing to pay what
it’s worth. I’ll give you £20 for it. It’s worth not
much more than that imho.


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2023-08-18 10:30 [#02629879]
Points: 1743 Status: Regular

You should apologise to the guy, send the synth free, and
pop a tenner between the keys


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-08-18 22:17 [#02629891]
Points: 24344 Status: Addict

i always wondered how the fucking iranian shit works:

you walk in, express interest in a carpet, and the shopkeep
opens the haggle with: "UGH! this rug is shit. i hate it.
please, for the love of god, get it the fuck out of my

then you reply: "...oh, it's not that bad. it's worth $20 at
least" and the shopkeep is all "no, no, no, it's SHIT" and
you gradually work your way up to a fair price

exactly like the thing where they make a competition of
trying to out-polite each other -- which i've actually had
tried on me. the persian men leave very unsatisfied as i
resist the urge to call out "welcome to america" as they
storm off. it actually drives me up the wall. be proper rude
you ass


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