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Valentine's Day Xltronic

offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2023-02-14 09:35 [#02625224]
Points: 6013 Status: Regular

Happy Gay Day
Don't forget to cum in the ass of another man

No scrubs


offline big from lsg on 2023-02-14 09:45 [#02625225]
Points: 22594 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

“The Blue Fairy Godmother knew something about killing.
He gave Lazzaro a careful smile. "There is still time for me
to kill you," he said, "if you really persuade me that it's
the sensible thing to do."
"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"
"Don't think I haven't tried," the Blue Fairy Godmother

Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 09:59 [#02625226]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

black tuesday


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 10:01 [#02625227]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

i went to a really small nerdy high school and it's one of
those things where a few people had the idea at once and,
oh, sounds good. from then on, it was kind a cheeky
tradition to dress in all black on valentine's day. really,
it was more punk than goth: just a sarcastic reaction to
saccharine vibe of the day


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2023-02-14 21:22 [#02625243]
Points: 7311 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

i hear it was the chat roulette of viktorian age.
can we do this again?
lottery letters and then you know...


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 21:52 [#02625252]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

chat roulette, victorian, perfect, all cameras, no touching


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 21:59 [#02625253]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

i actually loved the act of making valentines things back
in, like... 2nd grade, before anyone was old enough to know
what it meant and you just made one for everyone. and this
was one of those moments where who i was very much came out,
that i got very serious about a design and assembly line
procedure and i wanted to make them the most... well, i
didn't have the phrase at the time... the most riced
of anyone's

then it was confusing to me when really no one else seemed
to throw themselves into it like that. first year, parents
help the kids out. the half-life of parental help on
mass-scale valentines is a year, so second year, 50% less
parents help out, etc and by fifth grade i knew it was over
and no one does that shit anymore so don't bother. because
they'll think you're weird. i thought they were

so once that ship sailed, never really gave a heck about
valentine's day, aside from how corporations tear in like a
pack of salivating wolves looking to cash in on the holiday


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 22:10 [#02625254]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

perhaps there is a bunch in common between a nook full of
synthesizers and a bag full of art supplies. i remember
someone helping me and showing me doilies and rubber
cement... and then i just remember being in a bubble of
concentration with all this stuff by myself. i was freaking

and i was a difficult child on many levels, but that was
probably one of those moments where i was clearly on
autopilot and mum probably just shrugged and went off to
have a glass of wine. or if it was dad, back to his computer


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 22:16 [#02625255]
Points: 21949 Status: Addict

i dunno. did they do valentines line that in the UK? 5-9
years old, everyone makes valentines for everyone else;
fades off with the rise of hormones and fading of parental
craft aid

but then maybe that's not something that went on for people
born even five years before me.

tldrangent: [it does have that vague woke whiff. but, hey,
look what a nice thing it did for me and whatever. but i've
seen the dawn of the web; i've seen woke-ness awaken. in
pre-school, they'd juust started to mix in "dradel, dradel"
with the christmas songs. a few years later, kwanza. like
circuits gradually being switched on. some of the early
failures were spectacular, i should note -- like when we
were called for a school assembly where some black gentleman
showed off a genuine pair of manacles -- his words --
and, this is me at 15, and i'm thinking: "i'm not sure how
you expect me to react to this?"]


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2023-02-15 09:27 [#02625282]
Points: 7311 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

kind of interesting to read about the different customs all
over the world on wiki. i was surprised to read there is a
billion valentines day cards in the us.

gifting feels messed up at times, for example when all of
sudden its a status/love/popularity mingled thing as its
often seen american movies. the bottom line is it seemingly
always ends up in hurt feelings and ruined expectations, but
its certainly nice when people think about each other.

we dont do anything special on valentines day in germany,
but have some treats & flowers for our lover(s)
[dont accidentally switch cards!]


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2023-02-16 17:37 [#02625315]
Points: 38972 Status: Regular



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