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fao dingle berry - stuttering beats

Wizards Teeth on 2001-06-28 16:29 [#00011253]

I was experimenting and found the following technique to
create some stuttering beats.

1. Use fruity loops (any drum machine would do)

2. Use a "click" sound as a sample

3. Place beats at irregular places on the bars

4. Play the loop

5. Increase and decrease the delay and feedback in real time
to create some nice non structured beats

6. to further improve the sound try adding the sample a few
more times but have the sound passing from left to right and
vice a versa. This coupled with the feedback gives the
effect of a 3D beat rather than the basis Boom-boom-boom.

7. It sounds nice when you increase the feedback by turning
the knob up and decreasing it by turning it down. It is
quite hard to explain but it sounds like the beat
disintegrates and then forms again.

I can send you an example / send you the fruity loop file if
you want



Wizard MaC from Grijpskerke hehehe on 2001-06-28 21:07 [#00011294]

A weird trick for weird beats/effects:
-run 2 wav-editors simultaniously (for example Cool Edit)
-put a sample in one of them and select loop-mode
-let the other editor record
-play the sample and select pieces in the wav-form while
playing, so that you change the loop-points in realtime.

(ok, it's weird, but I like weird effects)


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