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what is an aphex ?

Kaja from not far awayz on 2001-06-28 02:59 [#00011156]

what does it mean ?


hevquip from halfway between here and there on 2001-06-28 03:47 [#00011159]

aphex twin is borrowing the name from aphex unlimited. they
make musical equipment.


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] on 2001-06-28 07:31 [#00011163]



|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-28 07:45 [#00011169]

Thats a weird way of looking at the name. Hm. Yeah, its a
name of a industry that makes music equip shit. Twin, is the
supposed reference to Richard's brother that died after he
was born, and his paren'ts named him after the dead kid.


m on 2001-06-28 08:06 [#00011173]

I also read that he took it from that musical equipment or
whatever. But I think they in turn took it from a part of
the ear called the apex. The apex is also the top of
something, like an eagle is at the apex of the food chain.
So it\\\'s contradictional to have a \\\"twin\\\" apex.


Wizards Teeth on 2001-06-28 10:26 [#00011178]

You are incorrect, Eagles are not at the top of a food

I once seen an elephant eat an eagle on one of the those
nature shows.

And I eat elephants.



poe from the uk on 2001-06-28 13:23 [#00011197]



hevquip from an egren's coffe shop on 2001-06-28 16:25 [#00011248]

possibly i might have made a mistake. it might be aphex
systems unlimited. i dont remember, but the company does
make music related equipment.


Matt from Bendaw on 2001-06-28 20:14 [#00011282]

Aphex Twin was on the scene looong before Aphex Ltd. Aural
Exciters was signed on the market.


Matt from Bendaw on 2001-06-28 20:15 [#00011283]

And by the way, Map is right. Thats the right way looking at
the name.


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