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Aphex Twin Merchandise

Aled Jones from Cardiff (Wales), UK on 2001-06-22 21:34 [#00010725]

Lately i've been searching everywhere for any piece of Aphex
Twin Merchandise, T-Shirts, Hoodies that kind of thing. I
couldn't find any, so i figured why not start producing the
myself? I',m leaving this message to find out how many
people are interested- if there are enough then i'll start
making them. So, if you're interested, then e-mail me at: or IM me at the same
username using Yahoo! Messenger. Rave on. Aled


AFX / PCP fan. from Holland on 2001-06-22 21:37 [#00010726]

Hey man, check and then go to the
There are official Aphex T-shirts available now!!!

Check it.


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-06-23 08:45 [#00010749]

kick arse
i want one of those aphex umbrella's from the windowlicker
they should sell that shits mang.


m from vilkaviskis on 2001-06-23 09:07 [#00010751]

aphex scarf is best!!!


ilikechainsaws on 2001-06-23 17:44 [#00010792]

go to
they hve one pster


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