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im scared..

Ross on 2001-06-21 02:40 [#00010558]

One second ago, everything on my desktop just vanished, and
now there's only 4 icons..Is it possible that someone is in
my computer hacking (i know that's possible) what do i do??
ps. I was babysitting and heard '4' in that anti-drug
commercial, so rad..


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-21 06:55 [#00010568]

Yeah, I dunno its possible, but not plausible to you I don't
think. Well, unless you have some cool, or expensive
programs, but even then. Most times youd hack into a
database [computer] for a specific reason. I know your using
a PC, and even Macs do that too.

What happens is that.. well wheny you use your computer you
are constantly writing to the system folder, because it
holds are the system info, and program/application/hardware
and game prefs. and docs.

So, when its writing it must write in the math system we
know.. where 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... and so on is used. But it
communicates those with 1010101's and stuff. So like 2 would
be 10100. Or something, and anyway what happens is that when
its writing to the system folder it can sometimes fuck up
the codes and screw things up badly. Let me ask you, do you
use any firewall protection? Any system protection? If so,
especially the ladder one don't worry about data loss, as
its usually easliy recovered by the techs at a store/fixing
up place. They need to hook it up to others and so some neat
shit. But, check it out and post more news about it.


Ross on 2001-06-21 08:38 [#00010571]

reflex..thanks man..! got it sorted out, i just pressed
refresh and it's all back..definitely a file system mess-up,
happens a lot, but never in this form..


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-06-21 10:42 [#00010582]

'4' in an anti-drug ad??? What is the world coming into?


Ross on 2001-06-21 18:47 [#00010635]

yeah, they processed the song somehow to make it sound less
skittery, but still skittery...'the future is my anti-drug'


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