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James Bond

wizards teeth from inside a monkeys pancreas on 2001-06-20 22:19 [#00010535]

Does anyone want to buy James Bond's face?


Ross on 2001-06-20 22:21 [#00010536]

no, but i'd like Shawn connery's sheer're the man
now dawg!


H3XAN3 [C6H14] from Melb. on 2001-06-21 10:52 [#00010585]

i'll trade it for the secret 4th member of the beegees (its
a steal)


rob fragilenine from you tell me on 2001-06-21 14:01 [#00010605]

i have some items up for sale:

2x Pamela Anderson Lee's right earlobe
5x Jim Carrey's eyeballs
1x Pet mongoose previously owned by a TV show
2x Bad logos from unfamous documentaries
3.333x Michael Jackson's collection of E.R memorabilia
Qx A piece of electricity, in a lunchbox

* Q = 3 x pi x j10 + 5^-6(33.366 x 9.1i)


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