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charles mingus

Ross from can. on 2001-06-19 03:32 [#00010304]

anyone like his stuff? i found a priceless jazz collection
of some of his songs at a used cd going to buy it
anyway, but has anyone heard it, have opinions on it?


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-19 05:48 [#00010308]

Mingus is a funny name


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-19 14:18 [#00010350]

mingus is a sort of semi god.appart from being dead,he stil
lives through the people he influenced.....radiohead
namedrop him all the time


Kenchie from over the hill on 2001-06-19 14:36 [#00010351]

Mingus is good stuff if you like jazz. Best lp to get is
'Mingus Ah Um', or 'Money Jungle' with Max Roach and Duke


Ross from can. on 2001-06-19 21:32 [#00010396]

thanks, ive only just started a jazz collection...i have
bitches brew, ella's songbooks and that's about all..sad i
know, but it will continue to grow


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-20 00:53 [#00010408]

ross, alice coltrane...ptah the el daoud.jazz with swooshes
of nile is fantastic.


Ross from can. on 2001-06-20 05:33 [#00010430]

thanks cheech, ill check it out thru mp3 or something..:)


perry como from tejas on 2001-06-20 05:46 [#00010433]

have you got his ken burns jazz collection? i believe its
only 1299 at most u.s music retail stores. it should have a
good selection of his "finer" recordings.


sednalom from tejas on 2001-06-20 05:56 [#00010434]

jazz list of people to check out also

bobbi humphrey(sounds like air and squarepusher)
John luc ponty - uses an electric violin
Sun Ra - global goon likes him, he is a very experimental
jazz musician.
Rl burnside - blues musician, very good though
Stan getz - whatever stan wants, stan gets..
charlie parker -
Tito puente
check out the ken burns artist roster and go from there for
many more jazz musicians


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-20 06:26 [#00010439]

ross: definitely start collecting any of Davis' stuff. You
will throughouly enjoy all of it. I'm taking it that you
love Bitches Brew? One of the best starter albums to get is
Kind of Blue...but if you really want a head fuck similar to
Bitches Brew get anything by Thelonius Monk! He's an amazing
artist who innovated alot of the stuff you would not
normally call ''easy to listen to" jazz. i know this is kind
of off the subject to ''charles mingus'', but to be honest
w/you if you're starting a jazz collection, you should start
w/davis or ellington and then get more into the be-bop and
later stuff. i hope i haven't bored you :)


Ross from can. on 2001-06-20 07:42 [#00010450]

this is all great recommendations people, thanks! Bitches
brew, i honestly only have on tape, cuz a friend made it for
me, and even still..I really need to pick it up on cd, i
have a ton of cds and very few jazz..but there's always a
time to start something new. I feel like getting really
experimental jazz, the type that may take me a long time to
fully appreciate..


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-20 16:31 [#00010495]

go w/Thelonius then, you shouldn't be disappointed!


Ross on 2001-06-20 17:33 [#00010506]

alrighty, one of my teachers in highschool loves thelonious
monk, coltrane, etc.


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