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Great New Site, a credit to it's creators

Andrew Martlew from United Kingdom on 2001-02-20 00:13 [#00000092]

Great new site, all that participated should be
complimented, on good presentation and design.The final
product should be good with what I have seen on the BETA
site soo far. A credit to the the Techno oraganised
confusion master, that is Richard D James APHEX TWIN.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-02-20 07:37 [#00000108]

Thank you, sir!

Actually this is not considered as a BETA-site anymore...but
there are some features still under construction...thanks!


Torley Wong from Vernon, BC, Canada on 2001-02-20 08:30 [#00000114]

oh, we're all under construction, aren't we? :)

i figure, sometimes it's better to be a "work in progress",
especially with something so evolving like this Internet.

what's that line again about the journey being the
adventure? arghhh


tune*fx on 2001-08-10 17:23 [#00020927]



recycle from here on 2001-08-10 17:45 [#00020932]


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