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The Irresistable Force

po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-31 14:58 [#00007674]

Global Chillgae, does any one have this record?

do you people even like ambient stuuf?

i love this album, i thought it would be good to see if
other people like it


streamer on 2001-05-31 15:01 [#00007676]

I've not got the record, but I've been to the coffee shop of
the same name in Amsterdam and can highly recommend it to


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-31 15:01 [#00007677]



rubbish john from a fish farm. on 2001-05-31 15:06 [#00007678]

yeah, i remember that global chillage place in amsterdam.
wicked place. not a single corner or straight wall.
i saw that streamer bloke puking in their toilets.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-31 15:13 [#00007684]

rofl, that place sounds like fun :D

anyway, has any one actually heard the ablbum by the same
name as the quaint coffee shop in amsterdam?


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-05-31 15:48 [#00007704]

i am fortunate to own 'Global Chillage' , absolute beast.
have you heard the 'Fish dances' remixes, another monster.
Nepalese Bliss, oooohhh

where's the Coffeshop in Amsterdam?


wizards teeth on 2001-05-31 15:52 [#00007709]

I have not heard that record.

But I do remember watching someone, watching someone being
sick in the toilets.

That reminds me is anyone going to Amsterdam in September. I
am, we could meet for a few fat reefers in this coffee


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-31 15:52 [#00007710]

i havent heard any remixes, only this old album that i


streamer on 2001-05-31 16:15 [#00007719]

Wish I could tell you where the coffee shop is but I was
totally incapacitated!!


po{e} from the uk on 2001-06-01 14:03 [#00007869]

ok, i am saying something so it gets moved up in the message
board so other people can read it =D


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