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Just To Let You Know...

Joyrex from on 2001-05-30 23:04 [#00007563] is down right now, but should be back up Thursday
or Friday at the latest. Sorry for any trouble this may have
caused - we're switching to a bigger and better server soon
because of problems with our current ISP.


od from perth on 2001-05-31 07:57 [#00007613]

im gettign a dns lookup error
instead of the 404 error now
is that better or worse?
(actully at least the top of the page is loading..)


Joyrex from on 2001-05-31 18:53 [#00007750]

It's probably just your browser's cache loading that.

Sorry for using your board as an outreach Phobia!


Jaffa Kid on 2001-05-31 19:16 [#00007757]

Thank christ for that Joyrex-I thought it was just my pc
acting up again.

All the best bro.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-05-31 19:30 [#00007759]

Yeah, thanks Joyrex, we really appreicate it man, I was
hoping youd say something here :)


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-05-31 21:24 [#00007769]

No problem, Joyrex. Be my guest to keep your regulars
updated with your "dilemma".


Joyrex from on 2001-05-31 22:28 [#00007774]

By the way, I hardly ever come here, and I must say you've
done a bang-up job with the site Phobia - much better than
my jumble of information which is in dire need of
organization :O]

I just can't figure out where you find the time to do it
all, but I imagine NewsPro and the way you've got this site
set up helps enormously. Keep up the good work mate!


nekta killa from graihum on 2001-05-31 22:30 [#00007775]

yayyyyyyy!!!!! glad to know it wasn't my comp yeah.
hopefully find out what happened to vik too, if he is stil
alive that is :) thanx phobia and thanx joy!


Joyrex from somewhere other than :O] on 2001-05-31 23:03 [#00007776]



No, really, it's more precise to say it's suffered a minor
setback. My ISP has now informed me they have deleted the
files (the entire site) from their servers. Fortunately (or
not depending on how you look at it), I backed up just
before I added the new messageboard. So, while no real
critical data was lost on the site (discography, photos,
etc.) what was lost was the news and ALL the member
profiles, and messages on the messageboard. *sigh*. However,
all is not lost, I have transfered my domain name to a new
ISP, and in the few days it takes to change over the DNS
information, I will work on the site getting it ready for
it's 'rebirth'. Some nice things to look forward to will be
a faster messageboard with even more (useful) features, and
if I really work at it, a more streamlined look and update
all the sections in dire need of repair. Every cloud has
it's silver lining, eh?


delet... from australia on 2001-06-01 06:39 [#00007810]

.. not this cloud .. (you know .. i was there the very
minuit you went down joy .. ) .. was posting .. ; - [ ..

.. i think .. i'm gonna curl up and have a cry ...
(serious withdrawl .. from that mB still) ..

*looks .. around* ... hey this place .. ain't so bad ...
maybe i should reside here .. (nah .. it took me long enough
to get the joy crowd to except me... )

hey joy soz. .. about all that happened to you .. (it must
have been a shiteload worse for you .. the responsability
'ov all those people on your shoulders .. and >boOm< .. no
more message Board (oh yeah .. and you lost that other other
stuff aswell ; - ] .. what was that again)..)


nekta killa from in a bin on 2001-06-01 12:48 [#00007849]

no no no i can't live without my fix of joyrex messageboard,
i have been so desperate i have had to post on planet mu and
here, please say it will be fixed soon joy PLEASE!!!
(runs around like a man on fire)


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-06-01 12:50 [#00007850]

Joyrex, thanks for your feedback. Much efforts have been
made to plan the site and implement my ideas. It's now very
easy to grow with the site since all info is stored in

I'm sorry to hear about your site, but as you said, it might
open up some new perspectives.


od from perth on 2001-06-01 13:39 [#00007858]

hopefully new perspectives like
bringing back the friggin aotm


Joyrex from somewhere other than :O] on 2001-06-01 16:13 [#00007909]

The good news is that as soon as the DNS change goes
through, I'll have the site (at least the news and
messageboard at first, if not more) up and running. Thanks
to you all who offered their support, and the loss is not
that bad - like I said, it's gotten me inspired to work even
harder and make even better!


offline Tussle Toss on 2017-12-01 05:47 [#02538773]
Points: 1014 Status: Regular



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