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new aphex release fantasy

TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-28 06:54 [#00007352]

rumor has it that RDJ said to release new stuff in 2002 ( I
forget where I heard this,.. It's prolly fake ) but I want
to know where you think this release will take modern

My opinion is that it will innovate normal music beyond the
bounds going in to new genre's,.. just like windowlicker and
complex mathematical equation did,.. I think that aphex will
be "creating" new genre's of music within electronic,... I
hope to god I am right,.. and judging from the curve of
quality releases coming from RDJ at the moment,.. I think
that this huge break in "putting stuff out" will result in
only the most high quality products of the last couple of
years, what do you think will happen if/when richie releases
a new album


M on 2001-05-28 08:54 [#00007354]

I honestly don't think he'll release anything else. This
sucks, with aphex out of the picture and autechre taking a
stumble with confield and squarpusher completely screwed up
with selection 16, who's left? I turned to artists.
There's some great stuff on there. For example, listen to
James Bohn's "walking on eggshells".


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-28 09:46 [#00007355]

Yall better chek Mr Projectile on


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-28 10:04 [#00007356]

Mr Projectile is the best artist on If AE is tooooo
weird for you, this will do ya.

I reckon if he did release something it would be utter crap
(IMO) because:

1) He seems to be getting lazy, he might release rubbish.

2) If he does do something revolutionary, it'll be harsh
mechanical and unlistenable, tuneless etc. like Equation on
steriods. Which I personally wouldn't like.


rob fragilenine from inside a skipping cd player on on on on on on on on on *BANG* on 2001-05-28 13:17 [#00007366]

richard told me in a lucid dream that his next album will be
entirely modem connect tones, thus bringing modem music to
new heights.


Leo DeBoe from somewhere in the US. on 2001-05-28 20:15 [#00007391]

Hey! You can't speak bad of Squarepusher. He just came out
with a new release, and a new album is due the 25th! Have
you heard My Red Hot Cock? It is simply brilliant. Go to
warp and get it, now.


M on 2001-05-28 22:23 [#00007400]

I hope it's good. Big loada and feed me weird things had
probably the fastest most intricate songs ever. He should
almost just do percussion and let someone else make the
melodies though.


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