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A Good Idea

rob fragilenine from laughable butane bob's house on 2001-05-28 02:15 [#00007329]

I have an idea...
I was thinking of making some aphex twin merchandise (with
the permission of rephlex of course) and selling it, with
the profits going directly to RDJ to see some new songs
coming out... anyone else think it's a good idea?

I was thinking of making:
Umbrellas (from Windowlicker)
Car Hubcaps (")
AFX masks (with the evil grin)

It will probably be illegal, but if we pay RDJ all the
profits, i don't think he'll complain...


Aron? from Canada on 2001-05-28 03:06 [#00007336]

I'd buy a RDJ umbrella!


rob fragilenine from laughable butane bobs house on 2001-05-28 03:11 [#00007339]

yeah i was thinking of making a white one with a black logo
and a black one with a white logo... then i could dance with
it like in the video!


M on 2001-05-28 05:54 [#00007345]

Giving Richard some money from selling some merchandise
won't make him release more of his stuff. But if you really
want it and know how you can just about make anything you
want that is aphex related, umbrellas etc. You can paint a
big evil grin on the front of your car and sell it on ebay,
but why would that make him release more material?


Rainblo from Edmonton on 2001-05-28 06:16 [#00007348]

I think it's a wonderous idea;p


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-28 10:12 [#00007358]

T shirts are for sale at warp, but hubcaps would be friggin'


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-28 10:16 [#00007359]

OOOOOH!!! IDM ACTION FIGURES!!!! Richard could have a
turntable with sand paper wheels that fire, Autechre could
transform into robots, Squarepusher could have a fretless
bass with a hidden drill that spins (get it? DRILL &

That would be so cool!


rob fragilenine from inside a skipping cd player on on on on on on on on on *BANG* on 2001-05-28 13:08 [#00007365]

i was actually thinking of setting up an *official* thing
maybe, not just on ebay or whatever, you know, making stuff
in a partnership with RDJ or something.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-28 19:19 [#00007384]

do it!

i would love to go to school with an RDJ umbrella, i will
put it through my legs like him lol, hopefully i will have
the same effect on ladis (not making them freaky, but loving


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-05-28 20:17 [#00007392]

i wud buy several of these umbrellas. And then i wud make a
synchonised dancing troup.


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 21:50 [#00007395]

Umbrellas!!! Definately! Then we could all sing in the


Leo on 2001-05-28 22:18 [#00007396]

I'd buy the Squarepusher action figure.


M on 2001-05-28 22:19 [#00007397]

Richard would want no part in selling merchandise in
partnership with a bunch of obsessed dumbass fans. If you
try to contact him with this idea, he won't respond,


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 22:45 [#00007406]

It amazing how easy it is to an asshole hey M? Just let this
be a fun thing to think about. We all know RDJ wouldn't have
any part of this.....just be nice.


rob fragilenine from a moo horse farm on 2001-05-29 01:30 [#00007415]

what about aphex yoyos that play bucephalus bouncing ball
when they spin?


Jawhob from Ontario on 2001-05-29 01:39 [#00007416]

You guys are saying that giving RDJ money (something i'm
sure he has alot of) will get him to release music. No
offence but it is a very bad idea.


rob fragilenine from a moo horse farm on 2001-05-29 01:50 [#00007418]

i remember him saying that if his fans want more music from
him, they should send him some money and he will send a DAT
back, then whatever they do with it from there is their
business... i was thinking along those lines.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-29 10:13 [#00007428]

Seriously, this would be an awesome idea. I personally would
like action figures, but I don't think they'd sell very

But the other stuff would be sweeeeeet! HUBCAPS!!!!


CloNe from Deep inside the arteries of a public sewer system on 2001-05-29 14:38 [#00007451]

Yeh! I want one umbrella (black) another umbrella (white)
and 4 hubcaps. No, 5, i need one for my spare.


od from perth on 2001-05-29 14:52 [#00007456]

pretty funny is they made a RDJ condom.
or girly RDJ knickers, with his face with a tongue stickign
out....on the inside front of em.


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