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favorite aphex track??

sleezybax from tank...someplace... on 2001-05-26 22:15 [#00007257]

just wondering witch tracks of aphex, people likes most...
my favorite is: Come To Daddy, Little Lord Faulteroy Mix or
Wax The Nip


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 22:17 [#00007258]

Sorry, too many that I can just name one or two.. .anything
off of AB3 or SAWII right now


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 22:35 [#00007263]

polygon window


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-27 01:13 [#00007273]

I just got the Classics Album,.. It's Fu*cing brilliant,.
Isoprophlex tops my list on that album


M on 2001-05-27 05:31 [#00007277]

I can't believe everyone else likes the old stuff. From the
richard d james album on are my favorites.
Favorite tracks: the first 6 on RDJ album, Flim, bouncing
ball, funnylittleman, IZ-US, windowlicker.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-05-27 05:42 [#00007278]

My faves are Flim, Arched Maid Via RDJ, Fingerbib, Girl/Boy
Song, Litchen and Rhubarb.

There are tons more, but I like thoes the most.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-05-27 05:43 [#00007279]

Oh yeah, I also like 4.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-27 08:08 [#00007282]

I like Wax the Nip, Start as you mean to go on, Flim, Arched
Maid Via RDJ, that's about it.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-27 08:51 [#00007286]

M: What the fuck are you talking about? his older stuff is
the SHIT! its awsome.. totally brilliant. his new stuff
[which isn't much] is good as well... but nowhere near his
older stuff. Thats the classic shit man.


M on 2001-05-27 09:26 [#00007288]

Maybe you don't know about tracker-like software programs
and the fact that almost anyone can make simple music like
that. His newer stuff is an enormous epic feat in electronic
sound organization. But it's all subjective.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-27 09:27 [#00007289]

M; I think that his older stuff is awsome, despite lots of
it being "simple" stuff.. most of the greatest music out
there is "simple". but then again.. not all. Oh well.. I
totally think that his older shit is the SHIT! and that its
awsome... indeed.. pure cool


M on 2001-05-27 09:46 [#00007292]

So you probably hate autechre's newer stuff too, right?
That's weird. People just like music for completely
different reasons I guess.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-27 09:57 [#00007293]

M: i don't HATE.. I just.. well autechres new stuff is cool
and I like it, and have it but its not my style really.. I
like older Autechre... for sure. And older AFX is the shit..
same with lots of things. I dunno why


Organ Grinder from u.s. on 2001-05-27 18:20 [#00007308]

hmmm....fave Aphex tracks : Isopropophlex, Come On You
Slags, Alberto Balsam, 4, Girl/Boy, On, Astroblaster, Track
1 on SAW2, Pancake Lizard, Track 10 on AB3, Bucephalus
Bouncing Ball....that's a few of them.


Organ Grinder from u.s. on 2001-05-27 18:22 [#00007309]

anyone here into Squarepusher? i bought "Music is Rotted One
Note," dug it, but "Selection Sixteen" is way different! i
dig all of it, but does anyone have any preferences?


Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on 2001-05-27 19:32 [#00007314]

though it's subject to change every day

btw, i honestly don't like squarepusher's latest single.
it's just dumb, uninnovativeness.


Organ Grinder from u.s. on 2001-05-27 19:36 [#00007315]

yes, i enjoy his more jazzy stuff personally. "Shin Triad"
is a killer track; "Fingerbib" by AFX is great too... i
almost forgot that one... but then again there aren't too
many AFX tracks that sucks - but god "Redruth School" sure
does come close, i'm sad to say it blows ass.


Kenchie from inside a box of cheese... on 2001-05-27 19:45 [#00007316]

Windowlicker...or Flim...IS-UZ...Bucephalus...Acrid Avid Jam
Shred.....Oh I don't know!!!


Organ Grinder from u.s. on 2001-05-27 19:56 [#00007317]

Everything on "I Care Because You Do" rules - same with the
RDJ album. Am i the only person who likes RDJ's Caustic
Window material?


Arastoo from CA, USA on 2001-05-27 21:57 [#00007319]

Icct Hedral (Edit), Isopropophlex, Astroblaster, Quixote,
and every SAWII track. Those are my top favorites, but I
love all his releases.


rob fragilenine from inside a piece of techno on 2001-05-28 01:35 [#00007324]

for me:
Laughable Butane Bob
.215061 (AB3 track 1)
Polygon Window
the whole of AB5
Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Alberto Balsalm
Cow Cud Is A Twin
track 1 from SAWII (i cant remember what its called... i
think 'cliffs')
the live in japan version of pulsewidth no order

sorry i couldn't choose only one...


rob fragilenine from inside a piece of techno on 2001-05-28 01:36 [#00007325]

hey this is topic #808!!!


fizzicato from SPAIN on 2001-05-28 03:10 [#00007338]



Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-28 10:52 [#00007362]

Girl Boy Song, 4, Flim, Is-uz, Fingerbib, Windowlicker,
Alberto Balsalm, Pancake Lizard, Rhubarb, Lichen etc


CyberPfunk from Japan on 2001-05-28 12:07 [#00007363]

The bouncing ball.


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 21:41 [#00007394]

His Caustic Window stuff kix arse!

Come To Daddy
Alberto Balsam
Icct Hedral(Edit)
Cornish Acid

Does anyone know of a site where I can see the Come To Daddy
video? I am frothing at the mouth! arghhhh!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-28 23:31 [#00007407]

Buy the video. its easy enough to get


Leo DeBoe from somewhere in the States. on 2001-05-29 07:42 [#00007426]



Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-29 10:18 [#00007429]

Anybody could have made his older stuff, but they didn't.

I do believe the feel of the songs would be much different
too if someone else did it. Almost EVERY good musician/band
have a certain type of tune/feel/emotion in their music that
no one can replicate ie: Wax the Nip by Aphex, 444 by
Autechre, Dance 2 by Mu-Ziq etc, etc ,etc...


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-29 10:19 [#00007430]

Someone posted something about, "Special Aphex Melody",
check that out for good examples.


Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on and on 2001-05-29 21:25 [#00007495]

yeah, what happened to our buddy mr. wooferattack anyway?


TuffPirat from I like this location string on 2001-05-29 21:55 [#00007498]

simply Alberto Balsam good for all occations, from wedding
to funeral


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-05-30 08:01 [#00007530]

Netlon: I'm here! I was a little bit busy last days, but I
read with regularity this messageboard. :)

About this Topic my favorite tracks (this week) are ARCHED



Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on and on 2001-05-30 21:09 [#00007539]

phew!! *wipes forehead* i thought we'd lost you there,



LeMoN on 2001-05-31 02:30 [#00007585]

Hey, I\'m new to this site, I\'ve been an Aphex Twin fan for
a few months now, my first taste being SAW II...well, my
favorite songs that I have heard (RDJ has a huge and very
confusing back catalouge) would have to be, in no paticular
Acrid Avid Jam Shred
Wax The Nip
The Waxen Pith
Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Come To Daddy (Mummy Mix)
On The Romance Tip
Tracks 1 and 8 from Analouge Bubblebath 3
Peek 235875 whatever...
Yellow Calx
Girl/Boy Song
Blue Calx
Match Sticks
White Blur 2
Weathered Stone
Okay, i think thats it...phew lol


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