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new depeche mode, new weezer, cylob, vast

hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-25 21:22 [#00007198]

i have just ordered these cd's:

depeche mode- exciter
weezer-weezer (the new one) or "green album"
cylob- cylobian sunsets
v.a.s.t.-visual audio sensory theater

has anyone listened to these albums or own them?
i would like your opinions.

how about jega and ovuca too? i will order them soon


tune[mx] from t.o. on 2001-05-25 21:38 [#00007200]

My friend has the cylob album, that is wonderful. Especially
there is an afx-ish melodic track, that is really nice.


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-26 00:41 [#00007207]

Did you knoe Ash are doing a cover of a Weezer song (can't
remember which) on their tour - well they did when I saw

Oops, sorry, is that me slipping from the techno-boffin
guise for a second. I do apologise.


Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on 2001-05-26 13:36 [#00007225]

the new depeche mode is really exciting (nevermind the
stupid wordjoke). it took me a while to get to appreciate it
to the fullest, though. overall sound is a slight evolution
from ultra with a few harder songs. i seriously dislike
track 11, though.

i also just got the new weezer, but i've listened to it only
once up to now. it's generally easy to digest jolly

so there.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 17:17 [#00007230]

imo, u hear 1 guitar band you have heard them all


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-26 20:15 [#00007236]

{po}e, just shut the fuck up! I know that everyone is
entitled to their own opinion but also you can't completely
write off a genre (guitar music being actually hundred's of
differend genres - your ignorance causes you to condense
them all into one) when you have not even attempted to
become familiar with it.

The fact that many of the world's nu-metal "guitar bands"
incoperate DJ's and sampling into their work should, i
guess, just be completely dis-regarded. Looking at such
act's as Slipknot, if it was not for the obvious nine
members and vocals Slipknot would be a fine intelligent
dance act. Then what about other DJ's who use guitar
samples in their work (eg. David Holmes). The truth is that
your own perverse and narrow minded view of life instructs
you to criticise what you do not, can not, understand and to
ignore what you see to be a threat to your shallow and empty
life of technology. It is at time like this that I wish the
millenium bug had been a severe virus destroying all
computers and technolgy together. The sheer waste of space
that is your sad opinions on such matters as guitar music
are very much what contributes to many DJ's and much dance
music being underground, as some of those connected with it
do not embrace, or even take account of, the wants and needs
of a majority.

And, in response, don't go and pile off some bullshit about
why underground music is generally better (each person to
their own - tastes differ) or any other evidence of
mainstream corruption of music or indeed the supremecy of
intelligent dance. Just fuck off please, and think before
you open you dumb mouth. You're not yet as retarded as
Prince Phillip so please try and reconcile yourself.


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-26 20:20 [#00007238]

Oh and one more thing {po}e. You like the Prodigy. Well
Gizbut lives in the same city as me and has his own guitar
band (Janus Stark), gives guitar lessons. With this
knowledge I determine that the Prodigy must have always been
shit, do you not agree?


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 20:20 [#00007239]

Poe: Really, your a nice guy and all. But thats the
stupidest thing Ive heard. I used to love sliptknot, even
when I liked AFX and I saw slipknot live, which even to this
day [I hate slipknot now, HATE] but it was amazing to see 9
dudes going crazy on all these instruments.

And thats just one thing. I mean, guitars?. I love lots of
music.. LOTS of ƒucking music man, so many different kinds.
Its not good to stick to one or another in my opinion, you
can become very close minded to other great styles. You were
telling me that NIN was bullshit, but then go on to admit
you never listened to them really. Well..
??¬ƒ?ß??!?@/???!?? What the hell? How does that work


1. Nine Inch Nails
2. New Order
3. Nirvana

You have to realize that anyone can say that about any
genre.. that when youve heard one youve heard it all.
Infanct I know many people that say that about AFX and so
on.. so what does it matter? Almost everything anyone says
on here, and in life is total opinion.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 21:26 [#00007242]

ok, fair doos, the bands you like reflex actually
incorporate more to electronic shit, what does that say
about the guitar?
that it is too fucking shit to klisten to that it needs a
machine to do it (i am refering to new order and NIN, which
i like myself (not nin i havent heard their shit)). I like
nirvana, who the hell doesnt?

ok, the guitar is a dated, old OVER used predictable
instrument that is used for people whose minds are too
closed to listen to different music.

Gizbut if you are a fan of the prodigy, u should know he was
part of the band near to the end when they split up around
fat of the land album and was actually only on a few

I acknowledge the fact that it is nard instrument to play
let alone master, but IMO (cant stress IMO enough,....) it
is dated and predictable.
although some o it sounds good i admit.

i do not stereotype evereything, i was too tired to say a
proper case for my argument, so i generalised too much =)


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 21:29 [#00007243]

Poe: how is the guitar outdated? Its being used to this very
day on interesting things. And you can say the same for
synths and so on, its all outdated. Synths have been around
FOREVER... this IDM style shit isnt new at all.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to music and
guitar.. incorperation, and so on. Even guitars on their
own, Ross has shown me some pretty cool shit thats all
guitars and real drums and so on. Just I have a very open
mind towards certain musical tastes, it seems you do, once
you get told that you don't... make sense?


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 21:31 [#00007244]

i love getting into heated debates about shit like this, my
opinions could probably cause riots!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 21:32 [#00007245]

poe: let me come to your house and kill you, pleasE?. no
more riots, I could state some obviously false opinions and
start riots too... take it easy pal... Ill have to gank your


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 21:35 [#00007246]

ok, i like to keep an open mind to ALL music styles, and if
you look up (^) u will see that i took generalisation to a
great length.

ok, the guitar is still used today in bands etc because the
general record buying public dont want anything else, they
are too closed minded to listen to new styles, and of course
the big record companies give whatever the public want.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 21:38 [#00007247]

yeah, u do that flex, then you will know what it feels like
to have several lumps of lead in your crutch, head and mum.

*strokes shotgun like a pussy cat*


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 21:42 [#00007248]

Hahaha your a faggot!. Ill cap your fucking ass so quick,
make some C4 [with the aid of some excellent reading] and I
will blow your families ass away man.. then take your limp
but not quite dead body and ƒucking go mad on you with a
pipe wrench until your nothing but red luquid goo


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-26 21:48 [#00007249]

hah, u fool u are living a dream world, it isnt quake 3 dumb

(_|_) sucker!!!!!!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 21:50 [#00007250]

poe: quake3?!. I never said it was, you think im kidding?!.
SUCKA! Youll ƒucking wish you were in hell... but then the
finale comes and your brain is shoved half way down your
throat.. you live for like 1 second to only realize what is
happenning, I hope you like the taste of your own thoughts
before you die.


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-26 22:07 [#00007252]

I just wanna state how cool both of you guys are. It's
greta to see that there are still macho-twats ready to show
of their masculinity and how cool they are by threatening
each other with beatings and shootings.
Get back to me as soon as you actually do or say something
worthwhile. Life's to short, don't waste it acting stupid.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 22:10 [#00007253]

Hmmmm Yes indeed. I would agree. i think that my "carebear"
style is far more agreeable than his "kangaroo" style. i
think its ƒucking retarded to say something like you just
have, who , really give a FUCK. not me. not anyone really.
fuck man

we are just kidding.. fuck fuck fuck.


Syllable#5 on 2001-05-26 22:14 [#00007255]

Okay, I'm starting to care too much. Cya when I can be


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 22:15 [#00007256]

Oh don't worry, you can be arsed right now! :]


sleezybax from tank...someplace... on 2001-05-26 22:19 [#00007259]

GROW UP, dastradly, amateurly - idiots... this is an aphex
twin forum, not for wankers like you guys...

lush one mates, get a grip...!


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-26 22:32 [#00007262]

dastradly huh? Weird I never knew that was a word?.
nevermind me, or anyone else for that matter.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-27 01:07 [#00007271]

I am a former fan of the "guitar music" genre,.. and I just
want to say that *most* people that listen to the "rock"
type genre usually do so because It's makes them feel
powerful, (just like RDJ Album can make you feel happy,.. or
SAW II can make you feel isolated) or because It's what
they're friends listen to, I've never seen a very anti
social person listen to gitaur music before,.. and that's
because it's usually just plain boring,.. and without a
whole group of friends going around saying how "mad" it is
and sitting in the ghetto's with a group "listening" to
it,.. you can find yourself realising just how shit most of
it is,..

I prefer music with more life,.


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-27 08:49 [#00007284]

I agree with you on many points there man.. but I still
enjoy some of it... I like it, lots of it is calming and so


Netlon Sentinel from from from from from on 2001-05-27 19:28 [#00007313]

tekno: no offense, but your last statement is LAME!! (for
the most part)

i've listened to rock for years now and not because it makes
me feel powerful (????), but because it makes me wanna ROCK
and feel good!!! hence the name. good rock makes you sway
your head back and forth automatically (i'm trying not to
sound like too much of an airhead here. isn't working, i
guess, lol), but good rock is hard to find, these days.
that's why i'm glad bands such as weezer and tool still

people are people

opinions are opinions


rob fragilenine from laughable butane bobs house on 2001-05-28 03:58 [#00007340]

i still like guitar music, but not shitty alternative rock
bands, i'm more into the stuff where they use electronics to
make their sound heavier/machine-ified like:
nine inch nails
fear factory
stabbing westward
etc etc

also, to say that electronic music has more 'life' is like
saying a cactus is smarter than a human, how do you get life
out of machines??? sure, I ENTIRELY use computers to make
music, but i also play guitar, and i don't believe any of my
guitar music/playing is outdated and boring... my opinion


po{e} from the uk on 2001-05-28 19:11 [#00007377]

yeah, every one is entitled to their opinion


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 22:21 [#00007398]

The guitar basically made Rock n' Roll what it is. As well,
look at what happened when English musicians and guitarists
incorporated American boogie/blues to their music in the
60's. This brilliant direction gave us great bands like:
Eric Burden and The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Who,
Cream....just to name a stop arguing and just
accept the guitar as possibly "the greatest thing to happen
to music" IMO! peace!


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 22:22 [#00007399]

Oh ya and The Beatles!
can't forget them.....they were a very cool blues band
before they became pop sensations.....


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, canada on 2001-05-28 22:23 [#00007402]

Pop is everywhere. Just live with it and ignore if you wish!


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