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Richard from finland on 2001-05-24 11:39 [#00007156]

what are your opinions of this style ?
personally I like some psytrance, juno reactor, sandman,
quirk, eat static.
I think most people here think it is shite,
but I have to disagree.Sure lots of psytrance is repetitive
shite, but the bands I mentioned form an exeption.
Also IMHO psytrance is the most difficult
style of music to compose so that it makes any sense!
But what do YOU think?


Richard from finland on 2001-05-24 11:42 [#00007157]

forgot to say that a friend of mine thought "digeridoo" was
a psytrance tune, when he heard it for the first time.
But I didn't really agree on that one.
Does anyone know about any afx psytrance tune??


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-24 23:09 [#00007171]

I like Juno Reactor lots. I have 3 of their Full length
albums. Very good stuff. I hate about 98% of all trance..
boring shit. Juno Reactor is good though, its not typical


Richard from finland on 2001-05-25 12:28 [#00007188]

right on. I like bible of dreams more than shango, though.2
first tracks on shango are such mainstream crap.....
ever heard any sandman?scariest music there is!, he's first
album"witchcraft" is perhaps the best psy there is.
try to find a track called "starfinder", or "mushroom
sonata".long epic tracks, but worth the download.


tune[mx] from t.o. on 2001-05-25 16:34 [#00007190]

yeah eatstatic is great, though their latest album (crash
and burn) is a piece of crap


patmandu from london on 2001-05-26 20:02 [#00007234]

i've been into aphex for a few years, but over the last year
i've really got into psy trance. stuff like hux flux and
paps is incredibly well produced
Shpongle is also definetly worth checking out (psy chillout
by simon posford, considered to be as much of a god as aphex
by many)


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