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it's heaven, it's hell.....

jizzface from a ginger room on 2001-05-23 15:11 [#00007103]

geri halliwell's new album is fantastic!!!
this collection of songs is a rollercoaster ride taking you
on a journey through geri's most personal feelings and
emotions and is a shining example of the talent behind her
writing. the tunes catipult you through so many styles of
music from funk to reggae to jazz and disco showcasing her
incredible adaptability to her music, re-inventing herself
on each track.


Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-23 15:28 [#00007105]

I only bought it, as the cover is a less embarrassing
alternative to a porn mag !


Wizards Teeth on 2001-05-23 15:32 [#00007106]

I have never seen her live but I can safely say that it
would be a more entertaining routine if she kept her ginger
mouth shut and paraded round dressed as a nurse* for two

* - In a see-through ginger nurses outfit I must add.

That Sporty spice is also very shite

That Baby spice is also very shite

That Lazy Eye spice is also very shite

That Posh spice is also very shite


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-05-23 18:51 [#00007113]

I wish I could rain on her, tehehe... *gets dragged off into
the street*
"HEY, Youve Seen The Video" >: (


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