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***BeTh23*** from seattle wa usa on 2001-05-23 04:49 [#00007064]

I saw Autechre this week, and someone called O.S.T opened --
it was fuckin unbelievable!!!

AE were astounding, of course, a well & good show, but I was
really impressed by the openers.
On the flyer it says O.S.T - Rob Hall Russell Haswell
Does anyone know how I can get more of their music??
It was kind of like 3ef or Rovo.


Joyeboy from California on 2001-05-23 20:43 [#00007124]

I saw the show in Oakland, and OST opened here as well; it
was the ambient stuff with weird visuals, right? I don't
think Rob Hall and Russell Haswell have anything to do with
OST, OST is only one guy, as I remember.


***BeTh23*** from seattle wa usa on 2001-05-24 03:56 [#00007147]

well, there were really not any visuals at the seattle show.
and the flyer makes it appear that OST is rob hall & russell
haswell - but i have no idea. The music that I got really
really into was whomever was playing RIGHT before autechre
(from 11.30-12.15) -- it sounded like third eye foundation's
older, creepier, HARDER stuff. kind of painful but with a
great beat. and a sub-sonic bass rumble.

I wish I had paid more attention to the show schedule


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